Thursday, 14 February 2013

To my Valentine... a post by Lea

I am lucky.  Lucky to have somebody who loves me the way that he does.  Somebody who is helpful and caring and gentle.  Somebody who knows me so well.  Somebody who loves me for who I am - even when it is sometimes hard to love myself.

A little while back I wrote a special poem for Paul.  Paul decided to put music to my poem and I am so impressed with how it came out.  So what do you do when you want to give a special present for a special someone on Valentines Day?  You get him to sing it (because you can't sing - I am what they call a professional bathroom singer...), so here is a special song for my Valentine (words below):

Someone like you

To have someone like you
Who understands my needs
Someone to make me smile
Always there it seems

Someone who comes along
Lights up the darkest night
Who gently picks me up
When dreams run out of sight

Someone to say that it's okay
When fear surrounds my heart
Someone who will always be
When things become too hard

To have someone like you
To talk with and to share
Someone who loves me for who I am
Someone who truly cares

Feel so incredibly blessed
To have someone like you
Want you to always stay
I really truly do!


  1. haha...i like how you got him to do his own valentine....but it is very cool...its tender hearted and felt...very cool....

  2. Love the post as I love you! I am really pleased how the tune worked out for your lovely poem. It is a little weird to help write my own song but the lyrics very much express my feelings so it came a lot easier. Will try it out at school today!

  3. Hi Lea,
    I love the words to you song. At least you can write words - I can do neither singing or writing, lol.

  4. A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics; you are a great team!

  5. Lea & Paul,
    That is a wonderful poem that you wrote, Lea and wonderful for Paul to put it to music. It makes me happy that you are so happy together! Blessings upon you both!
    Kay (Your friend from Georgia,USA!) P.S. I wasn't able to click on earlier to hear the song, that is why you are just now getting this comment!