Friday, 1 February 2013

Sunny Summer Saunter

My new abode is a 1 minute jog to the beach so today I am going to take you on a 20 minute jog that will take you along the beautiful Kapiti Coast shoreline.

This run is one of my favourites as it is invigorating to run along the beach, being refreshed by gentle sea breezes.

I will let the photos speak for themselves!


You've made it back safely! Well done! Hope you enjoyed the run and the pace wasn't too quick for you. Keep up the training and I look forward to the next time that you are able to join me! Will find some hill views!

Excuse me but I must run!


  1. Great photos Paul! You live in a lovely area. I was hoping to visit the North island in May when we attend a wedding in Wanaka but the plans have changed and we're just staying on the Sth Island. A bit disappointing.

  2. oo thanks for the tour...we used to live in FLorida....about 30 minutes off the beach....was very cool...wish we still did...lots to see in your area man...

  3. I'm so proud of myself! How far did we run? I don't feel tired and I didn't fall flat on my face.
    Jane x
    PS Please tell me that BIG pipe isn't a sewer outlet.

  4. What a beautiful area you are living in. Thanks for the excerise.

    Kevin and Ruth