Friday, 8 February 2013

Help is Near

Without the close friendships I have formed over the years and the support of my family I don't know where I would be today or even if I would be here at all.

Most of my life I have struggled with anxieties that I believe started in my early years. I have called on my family and friends often when I have been at my wits end.

Writing music was a way for me to deal with a lot of my insecurities and I used music to help me get out of myself and look to the future.

I am fortunate to have someone really close to me now who deeply cares and I know with confidence that she will always be there for me.

Thank you also my blogging friends who have listened patiently to my ramblings and who have responded regularly and encouragingly.

Hope you like a song I wrote about 14 years ago and recorded last month here called Help is Near.

Help Is Near

When feeling low with nowhere to go
All cards have played...hands shown
If tears well inside and need to cry
Don't is near

If people you meet turn on the heat
And find yourself walking a lonely street
When it appears that no-one cares
Look right is near

You have a friend to rely on...depend
Who'll be there for you until the end


When all tumbles down and crashes to ground
And nothing's around of comfort found
If searching for someone your soul to bear
With me is near




  1. Paul, it's good that you are able to reach out when you know that you need help. Many males are unable to do this and end up 'crashing in a heap'. Once again you have written a beautiful song with very meaningful lyrics. Great to hear that you have a lovely class this year...I know what that tiredness is like...hopefully as you 'settle into' the year's routines at school, the tiredness will disappear.

  2. Oh Paul I suffer from anxiety and I am positive it was formed in my childhood also but surrounding yourself with people who love and understand is the key. Love the song. Take care. B

  3. really a beautiful the message in it...we were not intended to walk this life alone...i firmly beleve that...we are in this together

  4. Help is near...what a great song.
    It reminds me of this song from the 70's, "Lean On Me". I hope you know it and like it too!
    Life is hard- pray very hard and surround yourself with positive people!!
    (Accenutate the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. In Between!! Sorry, I quote from songs all the time!)

  5. It makes me so sad to see people who are too independent to use support of others. As poet John Donne wrote, No man is an island, entire of itself. We all need support.

    :-) Marion