Sunday, 10 February 2013

Stripped to the Bone

As a teacher I put a lot of energy and time at the beginning of the year into building children up and creating an environment of acceptance and celebrating differences.

About 12 years ago a famous and renowned New Zealand equestrian Olympian was defamed by the media for being gay. The sensationalist press caused him and his family a lot of hurt and suffering.

I was particularly upset by this because I believe sexuality is a private matter and that no-one should be exposed, ridiculed and judged because of their personal preference. With 2 gay brothers and having formed several gay friendships over the years I found all this public slander of someone who we should be celebrating their achievements hard to understand, accept and extremely disappointing.

Here is a poem I wrote inspired by what happened at the time.

Galloped In Heavens

They're on your case...what shame and disgrace
Interference...intrusion and trust misplaced

Achievements were yours...the world adored
Marvelling the exploits...the fans applaud
The style and the poise carried you high
You galloped in heavens while mortals admired


The privately sought...rightly or wrong
Exposed to the public wrecks family and home
Who has the right to disclose and play God
The casting of stones and beating with rods?


Can pieces be gathered and put back into place
When stripped to the bone and blood not a trace?

Have lives become empty...our vision grown dim
While tabloids now flourish with truth so thin?
Conscience deserts us replaced by judgement
Sordidly entering deceit and dissent



  1. We have two tabloid newspapers in this country that still do the "so and so is GAY!", thinking this is still scandalous news. Hey, we all know Rosie O'Donnell is gay so "news"of her latest girlfriend isn't "news" at all. One step at a time.

  2. Being gay in Canada is no big deal...why should it be?
    Jane x

  3. it is sad that this is the way the world is...whether public or private...the forcing of ones morals onto another is beastly...sadly it happens all too often...

  4. I like to think that things have improved in Australia in recent you I think sexuality is no one else's business. We have laws here now that recognise property rights of gay couples if one should die.

  5. My sweet niece moved clear across the country so she and her partner could come out and live freely. So sad - I miss her.