Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mt Maunganui Marvels

A few weeks ago I made the 6 hour trip to Mt Maunganui with my 2 girls, Kate and Alice. With all the dramas over the last 8 months it was great to go away with the girls for a long weekend of sun, sea and surf.

We stayed at the Beachside Holiday Park at the foot of the Mount. Each morning we had a 4 km run around the base and on our last day we walked over the Summit.

These photos were taken to show off the splendid views we took in.

Early stages of the climb

Mt Maunganui Township

Holiday Park where we stayed

A cruise ship has been spotted in the distance

A view of one of the base tracks

Heading on down

Looking good girls

How blue is that sea

Heading over the summit

Girls with Tauranga in the background

Hope you like the contrasting colours

                                              Close up of cruise ship

Approaching the base

Cruise ship preparing to dock     

Kate takes on an unsuspecting lamb

Kate wins

Hope you enjoyed our walk over the summit! Will be back with other Mt Maunganui adventures!


  1. ha...the lamb is like...whats going on...smiles....def nices views to take in....

  2. What gorgeous views - you are definitely quite high up there!!!

  3. Oh what beautiful photos! And that I think that lamb really wanted to be in this post. What a poser!

  4. It's lovely seeing photos of more of your beautiful must be so proud of those two lovely girls.