Monday, 11 February 2013

Struck Gold

A week ago I competed in the New Zealand Masters Games in Wanganui in the 10 km [6 mile] Road Race.

Lea, I and her girls travelled up at 6 a.m to the event on a warm but cloudy day.

I will let the photos and captions relay the event.

The race traversed the Wanganui River.

Lubricating my dodgy calf

Rearing to go      

In the starter's hands

Caitlyn doing some nature study

Off at a cracking pace

One to go

Caitlyn and Bianca make themselves a friend.

Some action shots across the river!

Catching up with my friend, Brian!

Receiving my gold medal

Congratulating the other place getters!

Proud Winner

Fulfilling media duties

Although my time was slower than 2 years ago I won the 50 - 54 grade by 6 minutes and was 4th overall! Though my calf continues to give me problems I was most satisfied to get through the race winning gold.


  1. woot! way to go man...that is awesome....enjoyed the pics as well...and doesnt hurt having a chearing section there either...smiles.

  2. I do your hope post race interview was better than mine!!
    Jane x

    1. See what I mean..I do hope you post race interview was better than mine!
      Jane x

  3. Oh well done you Paul you did really well. It looks like it was a great day for you all. :)

  4. A gold medal! Wow, that is so great!!
    What fun for everyone and the girls are so pretty and look so happy!
    Good grief, I am so tickled, you would have thought I had won it!!!

  5. Awesome! What a great accomplishment!

    :-) Marion

  6. What a great achievement; well done Paul!