Saturday, 23 February 2013


I've spent the last week wallowing in my own thoughts and have been less than productive. I have neglected the blogging world as I indulged in idleness.

I have kept myself going with some cycling and running but well below par for someone who prides himself on his physical prowess, a bit like John I suppose. He owes me big time for my regular links to his blog. A man of stature and may I say a bit of a ladies' man, that's me!

My female followers, and males also if they fancy can enjoy the following photos taken by Lea today of my running course and the walk we did together. It was lovely to get out and enjoy the warm summer's day and take in the panoramic views of Paraparaumu below as we took on the surrounding hills. Lea is now having a sleep after me putting her through the gruelling challenge.

Hope you enjoy the stunning views of me and of course the scenery.

Look at that form!

Relax those shoulders...

Taking on one of the many uphills on the course

Relentless hills

And another uphill..

Nearly there...

On the way we had some lovely supporters cheering on

Strong on the hills...

Lovely contrasting colours!

Going into the back part of the course.

It was very peaceful surrounded by large trees.

View of Kapiti Island in the distance.

Love the greenery!

View of the ocean just behind the mountains.

For every uphill there must be some downhills.  Paul is not a fan.

Another great photo by myself

Look at the abs (Paul told me to say that)

Nearing the end.  A lovely sight!

Lea has woken up to give her take on the outing and add some captions!

Thanks once again for the stunning photos, Lea! You managed to capture my form and of course the scenery remarkably!


  1. That does look very challenging! The scenery is beautiful and I love those big trees.

  2. I love how it always seems Lea has left you in the dirt as the photos are always "ahead" of you. ; ) GORGEOUS scenery to enjoy along the way as well - looks like a beautiful day.

  3. nice...really cool place to run man...looks peacefull and the scenery is pretty amazing...all the green and life...and rolling hills....

  4. Next time can we please go on a gentle stroll... have a nice picnic and enjoy the scenery? Lea deserves it after running with you AND doing photographer duty!
    Jane x

  5. Great pictures Paul! Felt like I was there with you soaking up that beautiful scenery and mountain air. And thanks to Lea for taking pictures. She ran too but like Ginger Rogers (referring to dancing with Fred Astaire) "She dances just like Fred but does everything backwards."

  6. WOW this is somewhere I would truly love to hike not run as I am not a runner. I like to enjoy the view.
    Great shots Lea. What beautiful country you live in.
    That John is quite the ladies man, but when you got it well you know the rest:) B

  7. Gorgeous, and the views aren't bad either!!

    Of course, all that greenery reminds me of Lord Of The Rings!

    Great job, Lea!

    I love that you got to meet John when you were in England, Paul. What a fun time you must have had with him! :-)

  8. Phew those hills - I feel tired just looking at your pictures, lol.
    You do have beautiful scenery though :)

  9. Hi Paul and Lea. Hooray I have managed to locate your blog and have caught up on previous ones. I cannot understand why this blog of yours does not appear in my blog list. What I have just done is to refollow you so that maybe it will make a difference. Sorry I haven't been around much lately but there have been some changes in my life lately, nice ones I have to say.
    Congratulations Paul on your latest medal, and you seem to have put on a little weight, someone is obviously feeding you well. Haha I bet that's got you worried? Only joking mate, it's not all that noticeable. Although any extra weight might account for that painful calf?
    I had better shut up for now.