Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Marvellous Mount Maunganui Memories

After my separation last July for a while it felt like I'd lost my girls as they supported their mum. So my time away with them in January was really special.

Kate and Alice are truly wonderful girls and I felt I had them back again when I spent time with them at the Mount. We had made many family trips up there but this was the first time I had been away with just the girls.

While at the Mount we played cards, chilled out at the beach and had a couple of meals together. We laughed and joked like old times and being with them was really special and it was reassuring to know they still loved me.

Here are the remaining photos of our trip away!

Kate at Motor Camp

One of the many houses Kate intends to have one day

Mount in background

Great beaches

Artistic pose taken by Alice

Sisterly love

The A Team

Alice practising her photography skills

                                       Kate and I on our shopping spree

                                                   Motor Camp shots

Alice's Five Hundred Hand

                                                      Turkish Dining

                                                      Cool Dudes

Girls at Motor Camp

                                Back to our favourite Turkish Restaurant

       Walk back to the Motor Camp to work off meal as sunset approaches

Family sets up nest at Motor Camp

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. As you can see it was a wonderful happy weekend with my girls. There was some sadness as Lea could not come with us. Hopefully next time!


  1. Thanks for sharing what was a very precious time!
    Jane x

  2. nice...looks like a great time...beautiful family man...and i am glad you got that time with them...its hard to figure that out after a separation and it takes time...som glad that is working out....

  3. Great happy pictures Paul. I am pleased things are working out well for you all.

  4. Such amazing photos Paul. I'm so glad that things have worked out for you, and your girls obviously love their dad very much! Lots of memories from that holiday I'm guessing.