Saturday, 2 February 2013

Never Go Away

I have been writing music for the past 14 years. You name it I have written about it. A lot of my music is inspired by my experiences and often reflect my feelings about myself and the world. As a father I have written many songs about what it has been like being a dad and the great love I have for my children.

Over the next short while I will be posting videos of what I regard as my special songs I have written.

Today it is a love song called Never Go Away that I sing accompanied by piano and the clip has been recorded by Lea.

Hope you like this song I wrote and that you have someone in your life that makes each day joyful and who brings you happiness.

The lyrics are followed by the video clip!

Never Go Away

Can't imagine how life would be
A large part missing lost from me
It brings me joy your face to see
Have dragged me out from solitary

I need you with me night and day
Always stay...never go away

Are there dangers more? What lies off shore?
Will crashing waves thunder roar?
If I'm drowning in the sea will you rescue me?
Pull me to safety...smooth...gently


You came from the darkness...opened my eyes
From low down depths have begun to rise
Each moment...every day is full of surprise
We laugh in the face of the so called wise



  1. nice...i was in a band back in the day and wrote song lyrics before i ever wrote poetry...i really like the sentiments behind this as well...enjoyed the video

  2. I hope the only thing you ever disagree on is which one is your favorite song!!
    I'm with you on this one, Lea, I love it!


  3. Paul,

    What a lovely accent you have there Paul. I admire anyone who has the talent to write music, play the piano and sing....all at the same time. Very nice!


  4. Oh this is beautiful Paul. B