Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gym Geeks

Yesterday I took Bianca and Caitlyn along to my local gym to put them through their paces! While this is not entirely the truth!

With Lea working and with me in full charge in the holidays I thought I would combine my workout with them being part of what I do.

How young is too young? Marion no doubt has the answer to that one!

Children are allowed in my gym as long as they are actively supervised. Since I have been going through my routines since my cycling accident last March I thought it would be fun to show them the ropes and for them to follow along with me and try out some of the equipment. They really enjoyed their workout as you might see in the following photos!

Bianca warming up to her work

Caitlyn trying out the shoulder press
Lifting weights is fun!

Look at those strong arms

Sisterly assistance

Love this cycling
Girls trying out the Cross Trainer

105 lb chest press

Pulling 250 lbs! Started at 120 last March...not for the faint hearted!

I have enjoyed the new fitness challenges that my accident has opened up through inability to run at the moment. I also enjoyed seeing the girls trying out something new that worked up a sweat, not too onerous and was fun.  

Monday, 20 January 2014

Summer Days

I know most of my readers are chilling it out in the middle of winter but I couldn't resist posting on a recent bbq we had with family and friends. This also tied in as a low key intro to my actual celebration. When you get to my age you might as well milk the occasion.

We had chicken, bacon, venison sausages, home-made meat patties, boerewors [farmer's sausage in Afrikaans] and fresh garden salad.

Showing off skills
Pauline decorates the table
Time to dig in

Vincent admiring Kate's portioning

My work buddy, Peter wondering what Vincent has spilled on the new carpet

With full tummies it's time for a yarn

What gathering is complete without a sing along



Have included a photo that didn't make my last post of my birthday.

Thank you once again Lea for the wonderful photos! That lovely camera of yours is sure getting a workout!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

55 years young

On Monday I celebrated my 55th birthday with Lea, my oldest daughter Kate, my brother, Vincent and his partner, Dixie. It was a small affair but a special time.

Dixie and Vincent

As Lea was working I decided to cook up a dish that I had never tried before. It was Moroccan lamb with a range of condiments to enhance the flavour. The dish had onions, carrot, almonds, cinammon, orange zest, cumin, raisins soaked in sherry, beef stock and was served with rice.

I was really pleased how it came out.

Some pretty flowers helped created the festive mood.

For dessert I made chocolate and cinammon ice-cream with chocolate sauce, served with strawberries.

My brother and I played some Leonard Cohen.


Lea had baked a chocolate cake which Kate had decorated.

I really enjoyed celebrating my 55th birthday and occasions like this makes me appreciate those who are close. Though my circumstances have changed family and special friends have been there for me and I happily look forward to many more birthdays!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sunny Summer Sunday Stroll

It is great to get out for walks in the summer! I took Lea, Bianca and Caitlyn out for a 30 minute saunter around a track that I have used in training numerous times. This outing was done at a much more leisurely pace. I will let the photos tell the story. Hope you enjoy coming along with us!


















As you have seen there were lovely views and pretty shady bush on our walk. Will be back soon with some more photos of life on the Kapiti Coast!