Saturday, 28 December 2013


It has been a while and I finally have got myself going to do another post. It has been a busy time since I last posted. With the end of the school year I now feel I have the time and energy to give some updates. I will also dig up some photos from the last couple of months' events. Lea says I need to stop apologising but I do feel a tinge of guilt and sadness about letting my blog slip behind.

A week ago Lea and I were fortunate to see Leonard Cohen in concert here in Wellington. I have been a big fan since the 60's and have brain washed Lea into becoming a fan also. He was absolutely brilliant and played for over 3 hours with 3 encores. Happily he played my favourite song Famous Blue Raincoat on his final encores. Other classics such as Hallelujah, Bird on the Wire and Chelsea Hotel featured.

Of course I had to buy the T Shirt. The photo below has me wearing a T Shirt from a concert a few years ago.

Was very warm in the theatre!

Here are some photos from the concert of Leonard with back up musicians and singers [courteousy of Lea]. We were right at the back of the theatre so I think Lea did a great job with her new camera.





Off now to make some comments on some blogs. Will try and keep in touch more regularly!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Family Reunion

Last weekend Lea and I flew down to Christchurch for a family reunion. It had been 3 years since we had all been together in the same place. It was a wonderful weekend although I had a bad head cold. Didn't stop me however having a really good catch up with my brothers and sisters and the patriarch of the family at a grand age of 82. It was special having Lea with me and she fitted in extremely well.

While in Christchurch Lea frantically took photos with her new camera. She is a perfectionist and possibly won't be completely happy with some of these photos I'm posting.

After a social time on Friday night Lea and I woke up earlyish and headed down the road to the Avon river. I am quickly finding out that this photography business requires a lot of patience especially when you are the support person.

Lea took quite a few nature photos which I think are lovely. Not sure what Lea thinks! Hope you like them!



The next collection are a few of the photos of our social 2 days together!


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

At the Races

A couple of weekends ago Lea and I had a Saturday together without children so we lived it up a bit as a couple. All couples need that quality time together to keep the romance alive!

The day started with a trip to the annual Waikanae Book Fair. There were bargains galore. I was mainly looking for picture books for my classroom book case as it was 17 years since my last book fair. I also picked up some cricket autobiographies and Lea some novels and photography books.

We took my collection of books to school and replaced the old with new.
While there at school Lea took photos of some of the children's work on display in my classroom!



This buying and carrying had been thirsty work so it required a trip to the local for a beer and some pool. [I can hear Lea's voice in my ear 'any excuse']

About 2:00 Lea remembered about the horse races up the road in Otaki. It had been at least 20 years since my last visit and Lea's first time. The meet was half over but we could hear the horses calling us.

Lea frantically took photos with her new camera as she experimented with different shots.


It took us 4 races to get a collect but we had a lot of fun trying.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Will be in touch soon with comments.

Lea and I have just got back from a reunion of my family in Christchurch so hopefully with post soon with lots more photos.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


A few weekends ago Lea, I and the girls visited a children's indoor playground for young and old, called Junglerama!

Everyone had fun including the big kids!





Hope you like the photos! Not much of a write up but hopefully the photos tell more than 1000 words could!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to my Roots

While in my home town, Dunedin visiting family, I took a run with my camera. Hope you like what I saw and snapped for your enjoyment.

Heading out of Waldronville

Which way? Lets take the scenic route
White Island in background
Thought the quarry added an interesting contrast to the surrounding beauty

I'm steeper than I look...believe me!

I had a vocal audience

Some more came to join their mates

Love these quuiet country roads

Hope you like the contrasting colours

Saddle Hill central where I ran around the day before

Coming back to Waldronville

White Island is still there

Where's the road gone?

How are you me old mate?

 Hope you liked the scenery! Catch up soon! So good to be home! Have cooked Lea a lovely dinner to tell her I missed her!

Here is a song I wrote called Rolling Hills about my home, Dunedin where I was born and bred. Please have a listen as it's one of my best!