Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Today is a very important day

I know Paul did an entry this morning and that technically I should wait until tomorrow before I do my entry, but today is an important day in my world and a day I would like to share.

Today 3 years ago Bianca finally finished her 830 days of treatment for her leukemia.  (Click here to read the blog entry I did in 2009).  Today is a reminder that despite the challenges we sometimes have to face, we can get through.  It is a reminder that no matter how hard the road, we are strong enough to keep going.  I look at my little girl (well not so little anymore) and I am reminded of her amazing spirit, her courage and how, despite all she's been through, she taught us how to live just for this moment.  Just for today.  And not once did she complain.  She never asked "why me?"  I also look at Caitlyn and think what an amazing girl she is too.  Her first 2 years were rather chaotic and filled with stress and yet, she comfortably slipped into whatever routines we were able to manage at the time.  She just fitted in and she created a normality that we desperately needed at the time.

Today is a day that I feel truly blessed.  How different things could have been, but we've been granted a wonderful miracle!  And for that I will always be thankful!

I've shared this before and some of you may have seen this, but I would like to share this again:

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  1. Oh what a great celebratory day YEAH you have very strong girls. They will do very well in this world. They must take after their very strong Mom. HUGS and smiles. B