Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lea's Birthday

Due to Lea's birthday falling on a Friday and both of us working we extended the celebrations through the weekend.

Lea has already reported on her actual birthday but the weekend is when we got to spend time together and it was really special.

Saturday I had a club race in Wellington and Lea, Bianca and Caitlyn came in to support me.

On the way we stopped at Aotea Lagoon where we did some exercise and played at the playground. Bianca showed off her dare devil skills!

They did a great job supporting me as I was second fastest only beaten by an under 20 runner. Considering I have been injured and unable to train properly for several months I am really pleased with my effort. I ran 6 km [almost 4 miles] in 22:09.

After the race we went back to the club rooms where we played some pool. There was some fierce competition between me and Bianca.

We had dinner at the One Red Dog. It was a pleasant walk on a sunny evening along Oriental Parade and the wharf.

The meal was yummy! We all had pizza!

I attempted my first cake which didn't come out as well as I had hoped but Lea and the girls generously said it was nice.

It was awesome to spend the day with a special lady and her girls!


  1. I love these birthday celebrations. Glad to see that you had a great day, Lea :)

  2. Lovely pictures of you all. Looks as though the big fella enjoyed his time showing his dare devil skills. Congratulations on the race, Paul.

  3. What a wonderful time it looked on that playground. I love the high climbing ropes. The smiles on the faces! Priceless!
    Now, seriously, those giant shrimp on the pizza, that looks so good!
    You know that very first photo with the very clear water with the duck with the baby ducks, that makes me want to visit New Zealand more than anything!
    And do not worry about your cake-making! It was chocolate, wasn't it? You can't go wrong! :-)
    Lea, glad you got to enjoy your birthday "weekend", I think you should celebrate the whole month! You have my permission.

  4. It sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful day. I'm glad Lea had a great day.
    Congratulations on the race Paul :)

  5. It is nice to see you all looking so happy and having fun.