Thursday, 13 September 2012

Settled In

Lea and i are enjoying being in our new home. Obviously a lot of sorting out to do but we are beginning to get into routines.

With Lea working and internet now on we are finally starting to get back to a normal existence.

I am so glad Lea talked me in to moving the piano to our new home as music plays a big part of my life and I am enjoying being able to play in the evenings and weekends.

We have bought some appliances such as TV and Microwave but no dishwasher yet just me.

Bianca had a show in town last night so was late home and slept in. We are all behind schedule so a short post today.

Hope all is well with my friends in blogging land!


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  2. Good to know you've settled into your new home and are finding a balance once more.

  3. Glad you are happily settling in. So you are the dishwasher, eh? My husband is the dishwasher at my house, but he is so GOOD at it!

  4. Heehee for me the dishwasher would be the first priority. Glad you're settling in now.