Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ten Pin Bowling

Alice and I had pizza last night before embarking on a Ten Pin Bowling rivalry. We both talked up our game on the way to the bowling alley but were in for some disappointment on arrival.

As seems to be customary recently my timing often seems to be out. A few weeks ago Alice and I had gone out for dinner mid week only to find the restaurant booked out. Murphy's Law, once again we found ourselves up the creek without a paddle.

More to the point we had come on Bowling League night and all but one lane was already in action. Now Alice and I who had come full of bravado felt somewhat intimidated by these professional bowlers when we were put along side of them.

Nevertheless we tried to block out all the STRIKES that were happening around us and had a really enjoyable night.

There can only be one winner and on the night it was the Bowling. Scores were somewhat irrelevant but I was happy to break 100...a very modest total at that!

Here are some photos taken prior to our game as I felt the other bowlers might frown upon being snapped and distracted during their serious and intense competition.


  1. I hope those serious bowlers had as much fun as you did with your daughter! That's really what it is all about isn't it?

  2. Nice pictures of you and Alice. At least your evening out wasn't changed any by those professionals. Nice to see you back again, Paul.

  3. Sorry to say but with our traveling, I have been behind on posts and I have just been catching up on yours and Lea's. There have definitely been a few changes in the past little while. Glad to see you are settled in a new house and that life is calming down.

    Looks like you still had fun with Alice and we able to have a good laugh at your bowling abilities and that's what it's all about anyways, just having a good time.

    Kevin and Ruth