Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rocky Road Bites

As promised I am back with the wonderful dessert that accompanied the Meatloaf. Strictly speaking it was more a sweet treat and I can't take a lot of credit for the Rocky Road Bites as it was taken directly from one of Lea's cooking books. They were however really tasty and I've now made several versions of them. They don't last long as they are extremely yummy and irresistible.

The ingredients are:-

125g / 4oz milk chocolate
50g / 2oz mini multi coloured marshmallows
25g / 1oz almonds
25g / 1oz apricots

Cut up all ingredients and combine with melted chocolate. Place heaped teaspoons of mixture onto tray and put in refrigerator.

Here are photos of the process

They taste better than they look so do try them!


  1. I love anything that involves chocolate. Think me and the kids will love these :)

  2. Mmmm chocolate. I've got to try this one. I hope you're browsing through Lea's cookbooks for recipes you can pass on to your followers.