Monday, 17 September 2012

Let Loose in the Kitchen

I'm enjoying my renewed passion for cooking!

Lea works in Wellington, leaving on a 6:00 train and doesn't get back until 6:00 in the evening. Since I am a sensitive new age guy I have taken over the mantle of chief cook as I can get home earlier!

One of my favourite meals I cooked over the weekend. My Meatloaf has been given glowing accolades since I first discovered it in my student flatting days 30 years ago. It is a great recipe and easy to prepare as ingredients are thrown in generously and inventively as the mood takes.

The following ingredients are in my version of the original

Flat's Favourite Meatloaf:-

500g Mincemeat
1 Onion
1 Carrot
1 cup of rolled oats
Dates [optional]
Cup of breadcrumbs
Tin of whole peeled tomatoes
Tin of pineapple [optional]
Grated cheese
Peas optional
Tomato sauce to bind
Put all ingredients in a rectangular oven proof dish and cook at 200 degrees celsius for 45 minutes. I enjoy baked potatoes with my meatloaf but mashed potato is also nice.




Be sure to tune in next time for the yummy dessert that followed!


  1. Hi Paul and Lea. I have found you. For some reason google doesn't recognise your url. So you don't show automatically. I have been busy with my book and have been a bit lazy about commenting. Sorry about that.
    I am glad you two are happy. I might have a go at the meatloaf, even though it looks more like a hash to me.
    I walked about eight miles a couple of days ago and no pain. I was so pleased about that. Take care.

  2. I always thought meatloaf had some kind of pastry round it. I might try your recipe, it looks easy enough for me.

  3. So sweet of you to be taking over the cooking duties for your wife. Thanks for sharing the recipe and it's really so cool that you enjoy cooking.
    I usually cook the evening before, so that the meal can only be warmed up in the microwave when we as a family, get back from the gym at 17h30.

  4. It is good to hear of a man who is good in the kitchen. Your dinner sure looks tasty!!!

  5. Do you not put any eggs into your meatloaf, to kind of hold it all together? Also, pineapple in a meatloaf recipe? Sounds strange, but I will try it if you say so! :-)
    Lea looks happy! She is like me, I love anything when someone else has cooked it!