Friday, 12 July 2019


Hi everyone.

No promises this time as I seem to have lost my mojo somewhat. My partner's daughter, Caitlyn has inspired me to get started again.

Last May we moved 50km north to Levin. We have a 2.6 hectare fenced property and are enjoying the peace and quiet. Both Lea and I are travelling over an hour a day to work, I start a local teaching job in Term 4 and can't wait to not have to travel to work

Here are a few photos of the property. Not great photos but gives you an idea.

We have 3 steers. Here is one of our boys.

Hope to catch up soon!


  1. Hey Paul! Welcome back to blogging again! Your new place looks lovely and that is no bull. See what you have missed? Great punsters like me!😄

  2. Wow, congrats on your move to a peaceful place, to your upcoming local job and to blogging again. ~ FlowerLady

  3. Welcome back, Paul. Missed you lots, my friend. I left a note on one of your very old blogs without checking the date.... aw silly me!

  4. That's a beautiful place, and if you are willing to write, i'm willing to read!

  5. Welcome back! Love your new spread. Looks like it could accept a small RV sometime. ;-)

    1. Absolutely. You're welcome anytime! You must make a trip to New Zealand. A wonderful place to travel!

    2. We will definitely make it there one day! :-)

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