Tuesday 26 February 2013

Marvellous Mount Maunganui Memories

After my separation last July for a while it felt like I'd lost my girls as they supported their mum. So my time away with them in January was really special.

Kate and Alice are truly wonderful girls and I felt I had them back again when I spent time with them at the Mount. We had made many family trips up there but this was the first time I had been away with just the girls.

While at the Mount we played cards, chilled out at the beach and had a couple of meals together. We laughed and joked like old times and being with them was really special and it was reassuring to know they still loved me.

Here are the remaining photos of our trip away!

Kate at Motor Camp

One of the many houses Kate intends to have one day

Mount in background

Great beaches

Artistic pose taken by Alice

Sisterly love

The A Team

Alice practising her photography skills

                                       Kate and I on our shopping spree

                                                   Motor Camp shots

Alice's Five Hundred Hand

                                                      Turkish Dining

                                                      Cool Dudes

Girls at Motor Camp

                                Back to our favourite Turkish Restaurant

       Walk back to the Motor Camp to work off meal as sunset approaches

Family sets up nest at Motor Camp

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. As you can see it was a wonderful happy weekend with my girls. There was some sadness as Lea could not come with us. Hopefully next time!

Saturday 23 February 2013


I've spent the last week wallowing in my own thoughts and have been less than productive. I have neglected the blogging world as I indulged in idleness.

I have kept myself going with some cycling and running but well below par for someone who prides himself on his physical prowess, a bit like John I suppose. He owes me big time for my regular links to his blog. A man of stature and may I say a bit of a ladies' man, that's me!

My female followers, and males also if they fancy can enjoy the following photos taken by Lea today of my running course and the walk we did together. It was lovely to get out and enjoy the warm summer's day and take in the panoramic views of Paraparaumu below as we took on the surrounding hills. Lea is now having a sleep after me putting her through the gruelling challenge.

Hope you enjoy the stunning views of me and of course the scenery.

Look at that form!

Relax those shoulders...

Taking on one of the many uphills on the course

Relentless hills

And another uphill..

Nearly there...

On the way we had some lovely supporters cheering on

Strong on the hills...

Lovely contrasting colours!

Going into the back part of the course.

It was very peaceful surrounded by large trees.

View of Kapiti Island in the distance.

Love the greenery!

View of the ocean just behind the mountains.

For every uphill there must be some downhills.  Paul is not a fan.

Another great photo by myself

Look at the abs (Paul told me to say that)

Nearing the end.  A lovely sight!

Lea has woken up to give her take on the outing and add some captions!

Thanks once again for the stunning photos, Lea! You managed to capture my form and of course the scenery remarkably!