Tuesday 15 October 2013


A few weekends ago Lea, I and the girls visited a children's indoor playground for young and old, called Junglerama!

Everyone had fun including the big kids!





Hope you like the photos! Not much of a write up but hopefully the photos tell more than 1000 words could!

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Back to my Roots

While in my home town, Dunedin visiting family, I took a run with my camera. Hope you like what I saw and snapped for your enjoyment.

Heading out of Waldronville

Which way? Lets take the scenic route
White Island in background
Thought the quarry added an interesting contrast to the surrounding beauty

I'm steeper than I look...believe me!

I had a vocal audience

Some more came to join their mates

Love these quuiet country roads

Hope you like the contrasting colours

Saddle Hill central where I ran around the day before

Coming back to Waldronville

White Island is still there

Where's the road gone?

How are you me old mate?

 Hope you liked the scenery! Catch up soon! So good to be home! Have cooked Lea a lovely dinner to tell her I missed her!

Here is a song I wrote called Rolling Hills about my home, Dunedin where I was born and bred. Please have a listen as it's one of my best!

Tuesday 8 October 2013

On Top of the Podium

Saturday was a special day! It was all the more special because after 6 months of agony and frustration I stood on the top of the podium with my Wellington Harriers team mates with a gold medal around my neck.

We had just competed in the New Zealand Road Relay Championships in the over 50's grade. The relay was an 8 person event where we ran 80 km [50 miles] from Christchurch to Akaroa and came in ahead of the rest.

Having been battered and bruised physically and mentally throughout the year, Saturday was a huge highlight. I received my medal with both a sense of pride and relief! In living memory I do not recall suffering as much as I did in this race to finish my 6.8 km [4+ miles] uphill lap.

I was lap 6 of 8 and our team was in first place when I took the baton. I have struggled to run on the flat with a groin strain for almost 6 months so the first 400 metres to the start of the hill climb was uncomfortable. When beginning the climb I began to feel a little better as uphill running requires minimal leg stride and I knew I could physically run more freely. Boy did the lungs hurt very quickly! Desperation set in too as I was passed half way up the hill and relinquished first position. With dogged determination and great mental anguish I hung on until the top, fighting the urge to walk or stop, leaving my team just 10 seconds down at the change. From there we took the lead and came out victorious.

Here are some photos of my race and medal presentation! One particular running photo taken at the very top explains what effort it took me to get to the finish line!



Thursday 3 October 2013

On Holiday

After a hectic term it is wonderful to be on holiday. Lea says I need to look up the definition of holiday as I have been keeping myself rather busy with weeding the front and back lawns. A change is as good as a holiday I suppose!

Last weekend I caught up with Alice after 2 months in the army and Kate down for a short break from her studies.

I am extremely proud of my two daughters as I suppose all dads are of their children!

Alice is going really well and whipping the boys' butts. She has received a special award for her physical prowess, mainly running. Only 2 boys beat her in cross country in their recent running challenge.

Kate continues to work hard and is getting great results. Recently she competed in a 5 km [3 mile]race where she finished third girl in 19:40! Faster than her old man at the moment.

Off to physio shortly and will come back and make comments! Hope all is well in the blogging world. Time to take a proper holiday and do some activities I enjoy like blogging!