Friday 19 July 2013

Love Song

A new chapter started in my life just over a year ago when Lea and I officially got together. Lea is a very private person so I'm not really sure how she feels about me going global.

In my last post I mentioned that we were moving to a new house on Monday which is exciting but also a little bit scary. It is a big commitment!

Since meeting Lea 2 years ago as Bianca's teacher we have been through a lot. I'm sure with time our lives will become less complicated as we continue to make a new life together. I truly one lucky guy!

I am extremely grateful to Lea for allowing me to be in her life and entrusting me with part time care of her beautiful girls Bianca and Caitlyn.

My girls, Kate and Alice are slowly settling into their dad having a new direction in his life. I am thankful to them for their learning to accept what must be a difficult and confusing transition.

As a continuation of the musical theme I have included another song I recorded with John in London just over a year ago. It is called Love Song and was written a day before Hold Me. John was not happy with his penny whistle playing as it was a very new song for both of us. Hope you like it!

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Learning to trust and the big move

Over the last few weeks I have been pre-occupied by work demands and have spent most waking and sleeping hours thinking of what needed to be done to get through the last weeks of term.

Now its the holidays and I've switched my attention to the big move next Monday. Lea and I are excited but also aware that change brings new challenges. It will be good to have a place of our own with more room and separate bedrooms for Bianca, Caitlyn, Kate and Alice if they come to visit. There has been a lot of work with sorting mortgage, changing banks and arranging the move.

Hope all my readers are well and haven't given up on me just yet. Off to make some comments.

Here is a post from my last blog that many of you would not have seen and a song that I recorded with John seemingly an age ago now.

Getting Close

A risky business getting close to people. I know over the years I have been rather cautious about getting involved with people. Most of us will be able to recall times where we have trusted in people and they let us down. People who on the surface come across as genuine and caring that you open up to and find that they are only there for the good times. People who tell you one thing and do another.

Opening up to others of course makes you vulnerable and it is human nature to protect yourself. It makes it particularly hard when you feel you make a connection with someone who initially appeared genuine and you find is unreliable.

This blogging business has been a special way of connecting for me and although most people I am in contact with I will probably never meet in person it has been lovely to open up and share parts of my life with them. It has been lovely to communicate with others who share similar experiences and it is a positive network of support.

A special thanks to Lea
 for introducing me to blogging as I am enjoying sharing my music with others.

Also a special mention to
John who many will know writes delightful and entertaining posts. It has been a great pleasure to learn about John through following his blog and also to meet up with him in person on my recent expedition to England. In one day it felt like we had known each other forever. I look forward to catching up again in 2 years time if he doesn't change his mind in the meantime.

I want to finish with a song I wrote for Lea that expresses my love for her, how special she is to me and how much I need her in my life. As a mere male I don't always get it right but meeting and getting to know Lea has been a turning point in my life. I now can say I feel truly loved.
This recently written song is called Hold Me and was recorded with John while with him at his home in southern England. The song's lyrics are about letting someone get close to you and how much joy that can bring. It speaks of how another person's love can transform you from sadness and emptiness to joy and hope. Only by opening up to others can we be truly loved.

Hope you enjoy Hold Me! If you have heard it already have another listen as I believe it is one of my finest compositions and has been an important song for me in love's journey.