Friday 30 January 2015

The World of Cycling

My Dear Readers

Hoping to touch base with you all! Will write this post and go and catch up!

Many of you have heard various running and cycling stories from now long ago. Since my cycling accident March 2012 I have become more of a cyclist than runner. Strange you might think due to the seriousness of my accident. Unfortunately, against common sense, I have caught the cycling bug and love getting into my lycras.

Have just found a connection to download from my camera so here is another cycling adventure.

It is the middle of summer here and we have been blessed with 4 sunny days in succession. I thought I would take advantage of the lovely still weather to take you on one of my cycling training rides. Just a short one today of about 25 miles or 40 km in kiwi language. Please try and keep up as the pace gets a bit steady at times. Will give you a moment to catch your breath periodically and take in the scenery.

Buckled up and ready to go!

                                                    Through the cutting to Otaihanga!

About to head over the Waikanae River!

These people have the right idea!

Some deep breaths needed as a sharp hill approaches!

Summer Flowers! Aren't they pretty!

That Tavern looks inviting! Maybe later!

                             At Pekapeka Beach! No time for a dip unfortunately! 

                                                  Heading for the Hills!

                            Steep climb ahead! Time to change down the gears!

                                       You're going great! Half way there!

                         Well done you've made it! Now for a breather down hill! 

                                                 Some admiring spectators!

                            Which way shall we go? Definitely beach weather!

Wobbly road ahead!

One way bridge! Check for oncoming traffic!

Be careful!

We have arrived at Te Horo Beach...our turnaround point!

A pretty place!

Enjoy your ride home as there is a lovely tail wind!

Hope you enjoyed our ride together! Please join me again!