Saturday 28 December 2013


It has been a while and I finally have got myself going to do another post. It has been a busy time since I last posted. With the end of the school year I now feel I have the time and energy to give some updates. I will also dig up some photos from the last couple of months' events. Lea says I need to stop apologising but I do feel a tinge of guilt and sadness about letting my blog slip behind.

A week ago Lea and I were fortunate to see Leonard Cohen in concert here in Wellington. I have been a big fan since the 60's and have brain washed Lea into becoming a fan also. He was absolutely brilliant and played for over 3 hours with 3 encores. Happily he played my favourite song Famous Blue Raincoat on his final encores. Other classics such as Hallelujah, Bird on the Wire and Chelsea Hotel featured.

Of course I had to buy the T Shirt. The photo below has me wearing a T Shirt from a concert a few years ago.

Was very warm in the theatre!

Here are some photos from the concert of Leonard with back up musicians and singers [courteousy of Lea]. We were right at the back of the theatre so I think Lea did a great job with her new camera.





Off now to make some comments on some blogs. Will try and keep in touch more regularly!