Friday, 18 January 2013

Special Someone

Here is my poem / song, hot off the press, written for a very special lady!

New Beginnings

There's a place in my heart where you'll always belong
With you by my side I burst into song
My spirit's lighter when you're around
Joyful I am you I've found

I pinch myself it's hard to believe
My good fortune you've chosen me
Look forward to the future with you
As we start our lives anew

Exciting times lie ahead
New beginnings...future shared

You stick close by don't run away
If hurts resurface with me you stay
When my pain's almost too hard to bare
You tell me you love me and show you care


No doubt tough times for us await
Challenges may even appear too great
Though judgements made...harsh words from some
Together we'll meet them and overcome


Thank you, Lea for bringing joy to my life! You are a special woman and I'm a lucky guy!

Thank you everyone who commented on my birthday cake post. Will be away a few days on holiday with my girls so will be in touch next week, hopefully with some great photos.


  1. woot...nice love song man...arent we blessed by the women that love us...and writing her poems and songs is always a good thing too...ha...congrats man...enjoy your holiday

  2. What a wonderful song! Stay positive and keep a song in your heart always. Happiness to you both.

  3. What a great poem/song! Have a wonderful time away with your girls!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Lovely lyrics there Paul! Have a lovely time on your holiday break :-)

  5. Beautiful, Paul. I hope you record it so we can hear the melody. Happiness is.... Lea and Paul. Hope you have a great time with the girls.

  6. Wonderful! So glad you found someone that makes your heart sing.

  7. Lovely words Paul. Hope you enjoy your time away. :)

  8. Good to see you both looking so happy Paul. Lea is beautiful. I'm sorry I don't get here to often but for some reason your blog doesn't come up on my blog roll when you post.
    I'm still around though and look forward to meeting you again one day.
    A beautiful love poem, what woman could resist?