Friday, 25 January 2013

Dunedin Beauty

While awaiting my photos of Mt Maunganui I thought I should do a post showing off some of the beautiful coastline of Dunedin. The photos were taken at Allans Beach.

As reported on a previous post Lea and I had a great time in Dunedin recently with my family. While we were there we enjoyed some sightseeing and here are some of the best shots.

We also visited Cadburys, the chocolate factory. Some of you would have seen these following photos so apologies for that.

How fetching

We also had a walk / run up Baldwin Street the steepest street in the world.

Lea and my dad

Once again please ignore the dates. Will need to get my youngest daughter, Alice to reset for me.


  1. oh wow...what a cool place....went to the hershey factory once...was really cool...glad you had a great time on your trip....

  2. Oh I'd love to be on that beach right now.
    Jane x

  3. Beautiful beaches, Cadbury's chocolates and happy faces...are you sure you are not in heaven?

  4. First picture makes me envious of your environment, Paul. Ours is covered in deep snow...grins. I think I mentioned before that the original Cadbury's is near where I live, but I don't recall seeing that wonderful Cadbury's van before.

  5. It sounds like you both had a good time away. The beach looks lovely although maybe a bit chilly. It is nice to get away somtimes isn't it?