Monday, 7 January 2013


People who know me well are aware that I sometimes live in the past. Memories often become clouded with the passing of time and often times gone by are remembered for the good times and not so good conveniently forgotten. Certainly that's how it works for me mostly though on this occasion the reverse applies.

On my recent visit to Dunedin I drove past the first house I lived in from when I was born until about 7 years old. On this visit memories came back of having naps with my mum during the day before I started school. Mum never kept well and was always tired. She battled with sickness all her life and weight problems. She lived on medication for her entire adult life until she died at the age of 52. Lea and I visited her grave while in Dunedin.

There were of course later happier memories though often I am haunted with the battles mum and dad had and how sad it made me feel to see them so frequently obviously unhappy living together.

My first home in Halfway Bush, Dunedin

Again ignore the date! Will be back soon with happier memories!


  1. it is cool to return to those parents live across the street from the one i was born in so that one is easy...its my grandmothers that pulls me back...the one she lived in when i was born...we had so many adventures there....

  2. Did the house seem smaller than you remember?
    I visited the UK last year and stayed in the house I lived in from aged 5 -19 yrs. I wondered how on earth five people could have lived there.
    Jane x

  3. It must have been nice to walk down memory lane - I'm just sorry you didn't have happy memories.

  4. Where is Dunedin? Ireland? Before I left home at 18 years of age, our family had lived in our first house. Prior to that we always lived in apartments, no more than 800 square feet. Our house was three bedroom with one bathroom for the five of us. Me, my two younger brothers and my parents. Bill and I now live in a 42,000 square foot "ranch house". It's just the right size. On of my younger brothers inherited the family home. When I visit now I can't imagine how all of us managed to live in such a small space and with only ONE BATHROOM! I guess it's whatever you get used to.

  5. I dare not revisit the house I was brought up in... the entire neighbourhood has changed. But still, the memories are there and I can still visualise every nook and cranny. Not so happy days, however, life improved when I left home. Hope you and Lea are enjoying some decent weather.

  6. How like my childhood your story sounds Paul! My memories of a visit to Dunedin in 2004 are rain and a visit to Lanark there's a sad story!

  7. My childhood wasn't very happy either, it is a wonder my parents had five kids! Anyway, we always had flowers and music and that has shaped my life very much. My Dad has re-married now and at 85, is very happy!
    Looking forward to your happier memories! :-)

  8. Writing is always a great catharsis, and remembering the past - even though it can be painful - is very beneficial.