Friday, 4 January 2013

New Beginnings

Lea and I have just come back from Dunedin in the South Island where I've been visiting my family.

With all the emotional turmoil over the last 6 months it was great to chill out with my dad, sister and her family. At times like the present you really appreciate having family around.

Lea and I spent time with my dad at Little Sisters of the Poor where he lives. We were treated to a lovely meal.

Dad flew back with us home to Wellington. He will be staying for a week as long as he behaves. I've been out with him playing pool the last 2 days and have my nose in front on the score card.

Here is some of the recent action!

Of course this pool is thirsty work!

Please ignore dates as camera is telling lies!


  1. Great pictures. Your Dad looks as though he enjoys a game of pool. I did wonder about those dates... smiles. Happy New Year to you and Lea.

  2. ha. cool your dad came home with you and that you have had the time to get out with him and enjoy pool...i grew up with a table in the basement and played all the was always busy in the workshop though so maybe we will get that day as well...smiles.

  3. Your dad looks like a cool guy.

    :-) Marion

  4. It's important to grab these opportunities when you can.
    Jane x

  5. Oh my, you look just like your Dad! I love the concentration given to that pool game!
    Love that name on the closeup of the beer...THE Baaa...that's such a great name for a BAR!

  6. Replies
    1. Lovely to hear from you and I'm so pleased you are following my blog.

  7. Oh Paul time with your Dad is so special. I am sure he is loving every moment. You look just like your Dad. Have fun. Hi Lea. B