Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Dad

As promised I am doing a post about my dad and why he is special to me. A small few of my readers will already know some of this information.

In April 2011 my family had got together to celebrate dad's 80th birthday. It was a special celebration made all the more memorable because only 2 years previously he'd had a life threatening heart problem and subsequent critical operation. It had been a long recuperation for him but he is now looking better than ever. Aware that time is precious triggered my decision to spend more time with my dad last Christmas.

My dad and I have had a special relationship since I was little that evolved around our Catholic faith and sporting interests.

I was brought up as a Catholic and religion played a big part in my early life leading up to my entering the Seminary to train as a Catholic Priest. My mum and dad were extremely proud of their oldest boy pursuing this calling. Sadly for them I only lasted 2 years and branched out into the big bad world.

When I was growing up my dad and I did a lot together in the sporting arena with competition fierce. We both have a highly competitive streak which occasionally could get a bit nasty. My fondest memories are having dad see me score a try in rugby when I was about 10. We also for many years played regular squash games with honours pretty even.

The sporting activity that I remember best are the early morning golf outings. Through my College years dad would get me up at 5:30 once or twice a week and we would go to Chisholm Park, our favourite golf course and play 9 holes. Sadly no matter how often I played my performance never improved and dad always had the edge.

On leaving school the activity that dad and I have enjoyed most together is going to the local pub, having a beer and shooting some pool.

This now brings me back to the present. My dad now lives at the Little Sisters of the Poor as he is well looked after there. He runs the poor sisters ragged sometimes and he is the life and soul of the Home. Although he has become a little more frail he is as sharp as a tack when he gets on the pool table. Even now when we play I know I have to be on my best form to take him down. As dad and I often say May the Best Man Win and if he doesn't I'm sure he will come up with a hard luck story or equally good excuse.

Is your dad still alive? Do you have special memories? What special activities did you or do you do still with your dad?


  1. My Dad is still alive, and I hope he'll be around for many more years to come. I blogged about his 70th birthday here:

    My Dad is a nature enthusiast and knows a great deal about plants and animals. When I was a little girl, he taught me all the names of trees and animals and told me how they live. He is especially fond of woodland animals, birds and fish, and never tires of watching them (the birds) at his garden. He can identify all their voices, his memory never fails on that.

  2. Hi, Paul! My Dad has also been the best friend for me, as well as my Mum. They live far from me now, but I still cherish all those moments we had together, like fishing with my Dad on the pontoon, or swimming...or grilling :) Sweet memories and we still fill each our meeting with more of them!
    Your dad sounds like really nice perfect Dad :) God bless him and give good health!

  3. dad was my coach growing up as long as i did sports...that was our greatest connection as he and i were very was later in life we found commonality in many ways..and i realized he struggled to connect through that difference as well...

  4. My Dad taught me so much about nature,animals, stars etc. He also told me when I was very little that I could be anything I wanted,and that being a girl had no bearing on it.
    I joined the Navy because of Dad (he was a navy guy). Now, he is frail and has Alzheimers... I'll always be grateful for the lessons he taught me.
    Jane x

  5. My Dad is still around as well. Unfortunately I am not close by any more so I don't see him as often as I used to. We always make a point of seeing him at least once if not twice a year. We keep making an offer for him to come and visit us but he hasn't taken us up on it yet, maybe this winter. I would love to show my Dad the way we live now, it was something that he had wanted to do a number of years ago but just never did it.


  6. I never met my Dad Paul. But I try to be a good Dad to my kids.

  7. Paul,

    You are fortunate that you have had and still have a good relationship with your dad. My father (who we - my two younger brothers and I - used to call "Pop") had no such relationship. Quite frankly, he didn't want us, we were an impediment to his lifestyle. However, we did have a good Mother which my brothers and I had a great relationship with.

    Retired in Delaware

  8. Oh Paul I loved hearing about your Dad. My Dad passed almost six years ago and I miss him still. Your Dad sounds like quite the guy and fun to e around. Spend the time you will not regret making it.B