Thursday, 9 May 2013

Child Cancer Foundation

Not a lot of interest has happened recently. I've been going to the gym each day and been doing my weights, exercycling and yesterday tried out the rowing machine. I rowed 3,200 metres or 2 miles in 15 minutes...I was going for it. The hip and groin are improving and I'm off for another blood test for my clot which seems to be on track according to recent tests.

On Saturday Lea, Bianca, Caitlyn and I are going to a fun day out with Camp Quality, a subsidiary of the Child Cancer Foundation. In the evening we have tickets for watching my favourite rugby league team, the Warriors.

With this in mind I thought back to a wonderful opportunity I was given at the end of 2011. Some of you might know that Bianca suffered from Leukemia at the age of 4 and Lea has been involved with CCF since. Lea asked me to join her in her visit to Wellington Hospital and thought I might perform some of my songs. Followers from my last blog might remember this report.

In October 2011 Lea, Bianca and myself dressed up and visited Wellington Children's Hospital. Lea had us all organised in fairy and pirate costumes. I was the pirate in case you're wondering.

We visited Ward 18 armed with goodies and guitar and entertained some kids in the common area. My first song was You're Not Eating Me that accompanies my picture book, which you can see and hear below.

After a few more songs we were asked to go to the paediatric oncology daystay area. There one of the little oncology patients was getting some of her treatment. The paediatric oncology daystay area is part of ward 18.

Bianca had a few years ago been in Ward 18 and was today wearing her beads of courage. The beads represented the many and varied treatments she'd had to fight her leukemia. I felt priveleged to be there to give some pleasure to the young children who were going through a lot of pain and discomfort.

Lea gave out some copies of my book and Bianca gave out stickers and balloons.

Here are some photos of our visit.

At the moment I am struggling for blogging motivation and finding it hard to keep up with making comments. I'll try and get around my regulars today but feel it might be best to take a short Time Out. Don't expect it to be long, possibly only a few days as I really do enjoy following the people who have taken an interest in my life experiences and day by day ramblings.


  1. The kids in these wards are amazing. They just seem to get on with it...and 'moaning' isn't a word to be found in their dictionary
    Jane x

  2. What a beautiful and heart-warming post! Thank you!

    I did not know your daughter had fought a battle with cancer, and it gives me such joy to see her helping others following in her footsteps.

    Blogging (and commenting) can become a chore sometimes as we grow in popularity, but it's so nice to know you can take a break, breathe a bit, come back refreshed and be welcomed with open arms.

    Take all the refreshment you need. You certainly deserve it!

  3. smiles...i dont think i knew that about your daughter paul...but what a beautiful way to give back as pirate outfit you got there as visiting the kids....

    hope the healing is going well...

  4. I was pretty surprised when you didn't take a break after your injury/surgery. When blogs are no longer inspiring for the blogger, a break is a good thing.

    Bianca is really a lovely and brave girl. She's become a kid leader in this area. (Sure, I do want her to read this off your blog.) :D

    :-) Marion

  5. Wow, it sound like you're really going for it on the exercise front. Excellent work!

    That's a lot of Beads of Courage on Bianca ... what a lot of treatments they represent. She's a beautiful and obviously courageous girl.

    Enjoy your day out Saturday and don't stress out over blog visiting. Sometimes I get so far behind I have to just wipe the slate clean and start over with recent posts. It happens.

    P.S. You've written a BOOK, TOO?!? Is there no end to your talents? :)

    1. "sounds" not "sound". Shame on me! :)

  6. Loved the book and cute and very entertaining. I think it's wonderful to give back to the cancer ward and help cheer those children. Congrats to Bianca for her bravery and good health. Enjoy your day at the camp! You are very talented by the way! Hey, a blog break can be a good thing. It's hard to keep up sometimes, especially when life gets so busy. Take care!

  7. Hi, Paul! This is really nice to read about good things you do :) Those children must have felt so so good when listening to you and seeing a cute little fairy in their ward. Bianca is such a great role model for all those kids who fight with cancer... Keep your great work!
    All the best wishes to you and take care of your health as well!

  8. I must have missed that post, Paul. So glad I caught up. Loved the song, in fact I listened twice. Was that Bianca singing? Glad to hear getting out and about is easier for you. Before we know it you'll be racing again! Take care, enjoy your break.

  9. I'm always amazed at children's bravery in these circumstances. I remember reading your post before - I bet they all enjoyed their day.
    It is good to hear that you are getting on so well at the gym. You will be back to your running and cycling self again in no time.
    Sometimes it is hard to keep up with blogging and commenting. Enjoy your break. Take care!!!

  10. Such an awesome thing you all did visiting the children. What a true gift of love you gave to each of them.

    Glad you are getting better.

    No worries about the blog and comment thing. We all have dry spells. We will all be here when you are ready.

    Blessings always

  11. Breaks help for rejuvenation, so you go ahead and B_R_E_A_K but no break dancing, hear!!!

  12. Great song. Enjoy your weekend. Dianna .

  13. You all have a big heart my friend! These children will never forget that.