Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Green Fingers

Feel a little refreshed after a short break from blogging. Have continued working out in the gym which I will post about shortly with photos.

To work my way back into blogging I thought I'd start with a mainly photo / caption post.

A couple of weekends ago Lea and I went to a local gardening shop where we purchased 2 matching terracotta pots and some flowers to grow, in preparation for our move in 8 weeks.

Isn't this exciting! Inspired by Ron's blog a couple of months ago.

Beaming with anticipation

Pots are ready! Dig those slippers...kindly leant by Lea...far more stylish than boots!

Into the potting mix go what we think are pansies. Please tell us if we're wrong!

Into the potting mix go what we think are pansies. Please tell us if we're wrong!

Now for the daffodils

Aren't they fine bulbs

Placing carefully sufficient distance.

Putting in the last daffodils

Job just need to wait for daffodils to surface.


  1. Daffodils and pansies ~ favorite flowers of mine! You look like you are doing well, Paul! Eight weeks is going to fly!

  2. dude...your slippers rock...smiles...and looks like you are going to have beautiful flower i take it you are healing up quite well?

  3. I think I would have waited with purchasing the flowers until after the move - a few items less to move ;-)
    But I also understand how one can't wait when one is full with joy of anticipation.

  4. Those flowers look so nice! I am sure they would grow happily and healthy :)
    Have a wonderful day, Paul!

  5. Oh wow, I love those slippers, Paul. Yes, they are pansies... one of my favourite flowers.

  6. Daffs and pansies also two of my favorites also. Now that you've planted these two pots, just wait until you move into your new home with some land where you can plant LOTS more. :-)

    Love your slippers.

    Have fun moving and watching your flowers grow.


  7. Daffodils scream spring! I wait through a long winter to see them peeping through the snow,and then BOOM....masses of glorious colour!
    You'll enjoy those pots!
    Jane x

  8. We've been trying to get permission to take out our grass and put in water-efficient plants for three years, and we finally got it before we finally got our winter in spring. So now we're just waiting for the plants to grow! Flowers have some kind of magical power on the spirit and attitude; I hope your flowers will bring you much joy, and I hope your move is nothing but pleasant!

  9. You do look excited about those pansies.... :)


  10. Those pots are going to be BEAUTIFUL!