Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Apologies for the lack of updates

Have to apologise for the lack of updates.  Have been trying to sort out internet, but when the internet provider came last Saturday they realised that whoever was supposed to make sure the cables were done didn't actually do it. Sigh! 

But it is not so bad.  Spent the evenings last week watching some cool movies.  There is a deal where it is $5 for 5 movies that you can keep for a week and so we watched movies like Rain Man, The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy and I can't remember the other 2. 

Last week I started my new job and we spent last week and this week learning the systems and processes and next week we'll go live.  It is a great company I'm working for with extremely supportive people.  We are 3 new people in my team and we instantly got along really well.  I think we are going to be a really strong team. The start times have been fairly relaxed, but next week I'll have early starts so will need to get used to the earlier wake-ups. 

On Saturday afternoon we took Bianca and Caitlyn for a walk and as always they loved it.  They especially love the bridges that you find all along the walking course pretending there are ugly trolls hiding somewhere around and they both enjoy taking the lead. 

Hopefully soon we'll have internet sorted and then we'll be able to update more often again.  So what have we missed?


  1. Technology can be a pain at times. I'm having a few ups and downs with my internet connection, hopefully to be resolved pretty soon. It's good that you're enjoying your new job.

  2. Oh Lea I have been catching up (long story) it is so exciting a new job wow congratulations. Riding your bike to the train you are a very wise woman. All the best to you , you are going to love having your own paycheck and meeting new people and exciting accomplishments. Take care. Hugs B

  3. You have missed my owl photos and I hope you will listen to the Keane video I put on my blog from yesterday!
    I had computer problems too. I could look at someone's blog and think about it and then type a comment and computer would die! Frustrating!
    By the way, have you ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day"? It is so funny but uplifting too, I would highly recommend it!