Monday, 13 August 2012

A relaxing weekend and an achievement (updated with photos)

Haven't had much access to internet so we are a bit behind in our blogging.

The past weekend was a relaxing and quiet weekend.  We didn't get up to too much.  On Saturday morning we set off for the city where we first went for a quick visit to Te Papa.  It is one of my favourite places to go to in the city and best of all it is a free activity.  As always my girls loved it and ran from one exhibit to another.  We couldn't stay too long because we had to get Paul to his road relay.

Paul was the last leg of the relay and the 5th runner.  Paul would usually be one of the first legs (or so I understand), but he has been struggling with a niggly calf.  We followed some of his team mates and at first Paul thought that the gap might be a bit too big for their team.

Dropped Paul off and then we set off for the finish line.  We were stuck in traffic a bit and I worried that we might arrive after his finish.  Got to the finish line, quickly found a park and thankfully just made it as I could see Paul running towards the finish line.  Now I knew Paul ran fast and probably at least twice my speed (which he is able to maintain significantly longer than I could ever dream to maintain), but to actually see him in action as he came thundering past me really put it into perspective.  Don't think I will be challenging him to a running race any time soon...

Paul racing towards the finish line

Discussing how the race had unfolded
Much to Paul's surprise he learnt that his team came first in their age group and he was pleased with the little medals his team received. (Click here for the results).

Members of the winning team (left to right): Liam, Paul, Peter.  Dave and Chris absent
It was neat to see Paul's running group in action and to witness Paul's determination and competitiveness was pretty cool!

The rest of the weekend was just fairly quiet.  What did you get up to?


  1. Hi Lea, hope you are all well.
    I have only ever seen running on the television like the Olympics and I am always amazed how fast they can sun. It must be amazing to see in real life.
    Well done to Paul!!!

  2. I'm pleased for you all. It sounds like a happy time. Well done Paul.
    I went to a garden party on Sunday, that was a first for me.

  3. Hi Lea, somehow I found you here after you had stopped updating your other blog. It was nice learning about kiwi stuff and more from your blog. there's no polite way or indirect way of asking so are Paul and you together now or what? coz it doesn't really make sense otherwise of Paul everywhere in the posts.