Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cycling Days

With the weather improving and days getting longer I am becoming more enthused to get out on the bike.

The last month has been quite stressful but each day is becoming better for me. Sadly cycling has taken a back seat lately but I am starting to get out more regularly and build up the miles.

In the interim with no recent bike reports to give I'm rehashing some former glories of recent unreleased footage. Due to popular demand here are some photos of last summer's glories.


  1. Why has the last month been so stressful for you? A problem shared is a problem halved...I think that is the right expression, I am notorious for getting these sayings only half right. LOL!
    Now, could you please let Lea know that I was so tickled that she left a comment on my son's guest post? It was from Sunday, I don't know if you like the Beatles as much as we do at our house, but he wrote a nice post about the Summer of 66.
    Take care and get that physical exercise that you need but don't forget the spirit needs to be refreshed also.
    Kay P.S. I sound like your mother! :-)

  2. Keep up the good work Paul. I'm pleased things are looking up.
    Are you sure your helmet is on the right way round? :-)