Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bright Future

Haven't had access recently to the internet so have been unable to update you with latest happenings.  As reported earlier there have been changes in my life which are reflected in a song that Lea recorded for me.  This song was written a few years back.

Have moved into a new house and looking forward to a bright future.  Please have a listen to my song by that name.

Hope all my blogging buddies are well and will contact soon.


  1. Hope the new house brings you lots of happiness, Paul.

  2. Hi Paul. I'm pleased things are looking up for you. I'm sure the future will be bright for you.
    Your blog is not showing on my list for some reason, but I will keep looking out for it.

  3. Look forward with hope and you will have a bright future!
    Good luck in your new home. Wish I could go to New Zealand to help you with it!

  4. Good luck with the move to your new house - hope it brings you happiness. :))

  5. Oh Paul you made me cry great song pulls out those emotions. Be happy Paul. B