Monday, 30 July 2012

Busy times around here

It is a busy time for me at the moment.

After a long time at home I'm back at looking at my possible job opportunities.  Now, don't get me wrong, it has been great being there for the kids during the day, and certainly during the time we had to get through Bianca's illness where my life were dictated by a hospital and medicine schedule, it was the right thing for me to stay at home. But let's be honest, doing dishes and laundry - it isn't exactly the most exciting thing to do all of the time and I have really missed being at work. 

I think I missed the excitement of being part of different projects at work and then looking at the end result with a great sense of satisfaction.  In a way that's why I ended up getting involved with so many different things like Funrazor that I put together last year or the hospital visit.  Okay it wasn't just for the sake of satisfaction, but it was also neat being able to give something back and help make a difference.

So now I'm back at looking at job opportunities and I've been going to the city for a number of different interviews with agents to register my skills with them, do some testing and hopefully they'll find me something cool really soon. 

This morning's interview went great and as with the others I took the train to the city.  It was only 1 interview today and I felt really positive afterwards.  Getting back, I had about an hour spare before needing to pick up the kids from school and so I made my way to where the car was parked, dumped stuff onto the roof as I needed to look for the car keys somewhere in my handbag (as you all probably know a women's handbag usually contains everything and more just for in case), finally located the keys, dumped stuff on the front passenger seat and drove off... only to find about 10 meters away that I had left my folder with all my documents on the roof and it came flying off.  Thankfully I noticed it and could turn around. 

Kind of reminded me of the time I worked at this one company and for some reason I was outside doing something with a pair of scissors and for some reason put the scissors on the roof as I finished what I was doing.  Later on I had to go off to one of the shops to buy stationery and when I arrived noticed the pair of scissors still on the roof.  How it didn't come flying off I will never know. 

Has something like this happened to you before?

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  1. Oh my, I knew as soon as you mentioned 'dumped stuff on the roof' that something would happen. Thank goodness you noticed the folder falling off. I haven't put stuff on the roof but I have left stuff on the kerb and driven off.... not sure if that was due to absent-mindedness or the ageing process...grins. Hope your interviews are successful.