Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Back in to it

Having had a two week break that ended up quite a traumatic time for me I am now feeling in a better frame of mind. In fact I'm actually quite glad to be back at school.

This week will be busy as we have teacher / parent interviews for the next 2 evenings after school. I actually enjoy these meetings as usually I am able to give really positive feedback on the progress of the children. I know I have effective teaching strategies that inspires the children I teach and motivates them to learn. It is wonderful to see how they respond to the challenges and it is satisfying to see the resulting success.

Here is a song I wrote for my current school that I have taught at for the last 17 years. The song is Waikanae School and has some reference to some geographical features of the area and reflections on what it is like at our school.

Hope you like the video!


  1. Oh Paul 17 years is a long time good for you. Your students are lucky to have such a caring talented teacher. B

  2. I always think teaching must be one of the hardest jobs to do. You do really need to love it I think.

  3. Great song, I can tell you are one of the good teachers. Lucky kids.