Friday, 26 April 2013

Highest Bidder

That's us! We're now proud owners of a 4 bedroom brick house 2005 model! Well that is not entirely true! The bank also has a large share in the property but in 15 - 20 years it will be all ours!

Lea, Bianca, Caitlyn, Kate, Alice and myself are very happy owners as of now with a move in date of July 22.

I'll give you a quick run-down of proceedings.

Last Sunday on a wet miserable day we drove the streets looking for a house after some internet investigations. We had looked at quite a few houses over the previous 2 weekends but had not found anything that ticked all the boxes. I had ignored any properties on Auction as I was unfamiliar with the process and did not like the uncertainty of not knowing the value of the property. Well we passed a house I had looked up that was on auction and thought it was worth a look based on the photos that were used in the agent's promotion. It was love at first sight!

After a careful deliberated tour we quizzed the agent who said the vendor wanted between 480,000 and 530,000 and the auction was on Wednesday. I quickly got a builder's inspection that gave the house a clean bill of health and I impatiently waited for Wednesday to arrive.

Knowing that the owner was in need of the sale and the agent's confidence that there was no-one else she knew who could put in an unconditional offer I hopefully approached the auction room.

After a brief chat with the auctioneer on etiquette prior to the auction I put in a bold but cheeky bid at 450,000. This was never going to win it as the house was valued at 530,000. The Auctioneer and I bid in lots of 10,000 to get a bit closer to the vendor's reserve. After the Auctioneer bid for the vendor at 500,000 I upped him 1,000. Time for negotiation!

Quite quickly the Auctioneer said ''For 530,000 the house is yours!'' I was taken by surprise, took a deep breath and thankfully had the composure to stick to my guns and didn't make the jump from 501,000.

To cut to the chase over the next 2 days after a lot of to and fro-ing we came to an agreement with a figure of 519,000.

According to the agent we got a really good deal on the property and we can't wait until moving day.

Would like to share some photos with you now of our new home!

Back view from the kitchen

Plenty of playing area for kids of all ages

Bathroom with spa bath

Looking out front door

Master Bedroom
Rural view from Master Bedroom

En-suite Bathroom

Bianca's Bedroom as her favourite colour is blue

Caitlyn's to spread out

Unfortunately no photo of Kate and Alice's room!

Apologies to my loyal followers who have been starved of comments from me. I plan to rectify the situation tomorrow.

Off to bed now for me! This house buying is exhausting!


  1. Oh your new house looks wonderful Paul! Congratulations on being such a canny buyer :-)

  2. very nice...great looking the modern feel to the arc-ed bar and flat faced cabinets....congrats man...

  3. Congratulations!!! Your new home is wonderful and I can feel your excitement. Hopefully the next 3 months will go by quickly, then you'll have the fun of making the house and grounds into your home.


  4. New house look great. Enjoy
    I have awarded you with an Award. Hop on over here:

  5. Congratulations...that's a beautiful house which will be a home in no time!
    Jane x

  6. Hey, that's a brilliant house. I just love the kitchen, and the spaciousness. Well done, Paul and Lea.

  7. Your house is beautiful and spacious! Congrats!

  8. Congrats from the other side of the globe, too!
    It looks very spacious and summery. Does it never get really cold in your area?

  9. Congrats Paul! Buying a new home is always exciting and nerve-racking! Good job on the bargaining ~ looks like you've got a lovely new home!

  10. Congrats! Good luck with the move - try not to over do.

  11. Wow, it's gorgeous! Contgratulations.

    I would love a room with blue sky and airplanes on the wall.... :)

  12. hi congratulations on your new house. It looks lovely. Ive been sitting here for the last hour or so reading your blogs. Sorry to hear about your blood clot. I hope its coming right. Its been interesting reading your depression blogs. I can see why you like to run. Running has helped me get through some bad times. Have you ever suffered from post race blues? Id be interested in reading about that. You are such a good writer. You would make a good counselor I reckon. You seem to have a lot of knowledge and know what to say to people to help them. I went to your place over a week ago to visit you but you were not home. I should have rang first. I will try again after the school holidays. Anyway take care and its good to see that good things are happening in your life.


  13. Wow, that is one beautiful house. I love all the light that you get, my Richard would fill it with houseplants! I wish you much happiness in your new home.

  14. Congratulations on your new home. It looks stunning! You must be so excited about moving in now. The time will fly by quickly for you though.