Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gilmore Girls

This post is not really probably a blokey post but who knows, I'm a bloke and I'm into the Gilmore Girls and there maybe some other bloke out there who has heard of them.

In my time with Lea I have discovered her gentle persuasive manner and have listened regularly to her wise suggestions. As mentioned a few days ago I have 2 women to thank for having my blood clot diagnosed. She is largely responsible for this post.

Months ago Lea told me about a T V series called the Gilmore Girls that was broadcast about 10 years ago. Lea has the entire package of around 130 episodes that we watch often in the evenings. I am only up to about 30 but I'm hooked.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series it is about the relationship of a young single mum, Lorelai and her daughter, Rory in a fictitious town called Stars Hollow. Several men come in and out of their lives. The show is full of wholesome social comment, humour and great dialogue!

I really enjoy watching Gilmore Girls with Lea as many of the situations that the characters get in to can be identified with and can often result in some healthy debate and moralistic observations.

Here is a clip involving Rory and her current boy-friend, Dean a few episodes back from where I'm up to.

That sure was one hell of a kiss! Hope this clip brought back fond memories for you either personally or from the show!


  1. ha. my sister loves the gilmore girls...and dont feel bad...i fell into downton abbey with my wife...i didnt want to like it and did it out of love for her yet i look forward to it now...smiles.

  2. As with Brian, Chris likes Downton Abbey..I was ready to quit after series 2 but Chris wanted series 3!
    Jane x

  3. Hi Paul. It was great to chat to you on facebook earlier and catch up. I have also caught up with your blog posts. I don't watch a lot of television. Except I like quiz shows.

  4. Hi Paul,
    I have to say I got hooked on this... and have watched the lot!

  5. Paul, I'm glad you showed that clip of the Gilmore Girls. Hmmm I need to see more lol.

    I've got the whole series of Downton Abbey, unfortunately I'm the only one in this house who likes it.

  6. Never got hooked on Gilmore Girl's but like others am completely hooked on Downton Abbey.

  7. Hey, I never saw this show but this brings back fond memories of all the handsome guys who used to fight over me in school. (HA HA!!)
    I love that line, "I love you, you idiot!"
    So happy that you listened to the women and went to the doctor.
    "A wise man always listens to smart women".
    A very wise woman once said that, and it was me!

  8. My second daughter and I watched Gilmore Girls together for years. Yes, it's mostly the way they talked about things that is the best part of the show. My daughters and I talk like that together. :D

    :-) Marion