Friday, 22 March 2013

Living a Life of Leisure

I have 6 weeks ahead of me of reflection as it is all I am really able to do.

My accident and surgery have been a great shock to me and I'm not use to this sitting around.

I have spent my life cycling and running on a daily basis. To be told that I would not be walking without crutches for 6 weeks and not exercising for 3 months was a terrible reality check to the seriousness of my accident.

It means I have a lot of time to occupy myself in my thoughts and this can be a problem to me as exercise has provided in the past an escape from a far too active and irrational mind.

I intend to read, write more music and be a bit more on to the blogging. The next 6 weeks could be a time of growth as I re-evaluate my life so far and where I'm heading.

I have a lot to be thankful for!

I live with a lovely lady, Lea who cares deeply for me and is always there for me. I know I have a positive and happy future ahead.

I have her two girls Bianca and Caitlyn who need stability in their lives and I know I can be there for them.

I have 2 beautiful girls Kate and Alice who are making their way in the world.

I have had a wonderful running career with many successes and hopefully many more to come.

I belong to a supportive cycling group, Kapiti Cycling Club and I'm enjoying my newly found love for cycling.

Although I have had some dark moments recently I know that with all the love and support around me I will continue to be the best I can be, continue to celebrate my talents and enjoy the interests that make me who I am.


  1. I think of you often Paul and send positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. Being so fit will aid your recovery.

  2. You have a lot to be thankful for...five people in particular.
    Jane x

  3. i am glad you are focusing on the good things....and i know as well the dark thoughts will come over these weeks as well...keep the light ones close and will make it through this...

  4. Very pleased that you are looking on the bright side of things, Paul. Keep all the positive people around you and take all the support that they are giving you. Anything that is negative, forget about it!!
    The nice thing, since you are so fit, I am sure your body will heal much faster!
    Take care and let Lea know that I thought her post where she informed us of your accident was very well written.

    Kay xx Oh, and I am glad that my little post on Laurel & Hardy
    made you feel happy! x

  5. Oh Paul I have just gotten caught up with your race and accident I am so sorry. I am so glad it was no more serious as you know it could have been. As far as six weeks without exercise and as Lea put it what is your life you can do this because it is NOT your life it is part of your life and from where I am sitting your life is looking pretty good.
    You have much to be grateful for and you will get through this and see life is different but that is OK. Take care OK B

  6. Paul, with your attitude to life the next six weeks will fly. I look forward to hearing more of your music and your plans.

  7. Hi Paul (and Lea)... Glad to see you on the blog. One thing about time... it truly passes quickly. Just think... it wasn't really that long ago your girls were the ages of Lea's girls and now look at them... grown women exploring this World on their own. Perhaps during this time you could explore the WEB for places to visit once you are healed. Create a folder or two of places you've never been but would love to visit. I'm sure there are places quite close to where you live that are still waiting for you to discover.

  8. Hi Paul, I came over from Kay's blog after reading about your accident. I work in surgery and know the road you're facing in the next few weeks will be hard for someone who's used to so much activity. Hang in there. You're in great health and shape and will recover quickly I'm sure! Looks like you also have a great support of family and friends. You have a beautiful family! Get well soon!

  9. Hi Paul! I'm another reader of Kay's lovely blog. I want to send you prayers and best wishes for complete healing and lots of support along the way....It sounds as if there are very many wonderful people in your life and you have a great spirit to succeed. I just had double knee replacement surgery about a year and a half ago, and I know such rehabilitation can feel as if it's taking much too long, but when you're fully recovered it's a wonderful feeling! Every day is better.May all be well!

  10. Hi Paul - another visitor from Kay's blog and a bit of a cyclist too. (In fact I just took my first ride of the year today - a very cold one as the ground is still covered with snow and temps are not much above freezing. The winters can seem awfully long to a Wisconsin cyclist.)

    So sorry to hear about your crash - I have been in 3 cycling accidents myself but none of them was near as serious as yours. Your obvious good health and determination will be a great advantage in the recovery process and PT to come.

    Hang in there - you WILL get back on the bike. It may seem as though time is just creeping by right now, but when when the wait is over, it will feel as though you've never been off. (At least that's how the first ride after a long winter feels for me.) :)

    P.S. Here are a couple of links to a friend's blog. She's a cyclist who had some nasty injuries last year and, against medical hope, is now riding again. I thought you might enjoy her story.

  11. I came here via Georgia Kay. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and it is obvious you have a lot of love surrounding you which will help enormously. I ended up on crutches after a scooter accident when a youngster and was told I would never be able to bend my leg properly again. It took two years but I managed it and now (over forty years later) I can still use my leg perfectly normally. I think determination is a major part of the battle and you sound like the sort of chap who can muster that determination so I suspect you may get sorted quicker than they estimate. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, Paul.

  12. Hello Paul,
    Also from Kay! Wishing you a quick recovery as I know it is hard, especially for somebody so active. I was bedridden for a few months and it was tough. My strength came from my i-pod and meditating with it, especially when I was most angry. I listened to Deepak Chopra's work, it's just gave me a few keys on how to cope.
    Be strong and believe in yourself.
    Best wishes,