Thursday, 28 March 2013

Best Friends Forever

Visited school today to see my colleagues and my class.

The teachers sang for me Hey Paul that they had just written. It started like this:-

Hey Paul, don't feel too bad
Take your bad bones and make them better
Remember s_ _ t happens to us all
So you get over your nasty fall

The staff gave me a food basket and a lovely card

After Morning Tea I paid a visit to my class, Room 1 and sang some songs with them. One of my originals they requested was Best Friends Forever.

At school the children and I regularly sing together a mixture of some of my old time favourites and my own original songs.

About 8 years ago I wrote a song about friendship that was in my thinking about relationships between adults. Surprisingly I discovered when I tried it at school it became one of the most popular songs I have ever played with the kids.

When we sing this song together they usually put their arms around each other naturally and sway to the music. I put this down to several reasons. I'm sure having music in my classroom each morning creates a special bond between me and the children and each other. Because music is so important to me in my life as a form of lifting my spirit I am so glad I can share this with my children and see the warm affect it has in my room. Music creates a sense of belonging and this song Best Friends Forever particularly expresses the importance of other people in our lives.

Hope you like the lyrics and that it reflect the closeness you feel to those important to you!

Some of this information was shared on my previous blog

Best Friends Forever

Though we argue sometimes
And pay each other no mind
Might say hurtful words...unkind
To you I'll remain ever true

Best friends forever
You and me together
No matter what happens..whatever
I'll be here for you

Others will break our hearts
Some try to pull us apart
But now is merely the start
Of my love for you


If you're feeling upset
And the blues haven't left you yet
Turn to me and let
Me give my love to you



  1. Am I right in thinking that your colleagues sang "Hey Paul" for you to the tune of "Hey Jude"? :-)
    "Best friends forever" is very touching, and I can understand it is so popular with everyone!

  2. It's a great idea to share your songs with the children... the bond between you and them must be quite strong.

  3. I love that they sang to you! You already know that I love that song you wrote that the children sang to you. How thrilled to know that something you wrote is being enjoyed. Take care.

  4. a very sweet song man....and i can hear your heart in it...i particularly like the last stanza....on being there for them when they feel blue....and the song they sang for you is funny...ha...

  5. Music is so powerful. I had a teacher just like you...I'll never forget him,as I'm sure your pupils won't forget you.
    Jane x

  6. Hi Paul! Sounds like your on the road to recovery. Soon you'll be on that road on a bike! Love the lyrics to your song.Friendship has no age...I've enjoyed the friendship of kids and the elderly.Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I'm a follower now so I can see how well your doing.Have a nice Easter!

  7. This is a very touching song indeed. Friendship is among the greatest things in life...maybe THE greatest!

  8. Hi Paul! I enjoyed this post! I was a third grade teacher many years and so wishing I could sing with my kids! I love music, but people run if I try to sing. I was going to tell you that I am sending a link to your post from yesterday to my niece. Your song was so uplifting, and she has just been hit with a setback to her plans and dreams. I wanted her to hear it. So with today's post of yours, I'm going to have to send two links! My beautiful, talented, sensitive niece is also dealing with some MEAN girls! I'm so glad senior year in high school is behind me ~ long behind me! I hope that you are doing better every day! Take care.

  9. Lovely song and I'm glad you got to check in with them all. I'm sure the children were relieved to see you as well.

  10. A lovely post Paul! Many of my former pupils are in their 40s and 50s and when I 'catch up' some of them, they always talk about the songs I taught them and the books I read out to the class...oh, and the art projects that we did together. Somehow I don't think the curriculum designers/writers of our new National curriculum would want to hear things like that! lol

  11. Hey Paul,
    I tried to leave a comment on your latest post but it keeps sending me to this one for some reason!
    But anyway, about the poor man who was attacked and is now in a coma, I hope those who have talked about him for years have some guilt about him today. I will pray for him. Kindness is THE most important thing, I believe that with all my heart. One of the monks, James Behrens, wrote a piece about Amy Winehouse after she died, it was very thoughtful...
    There, I found a link, it is in that newsletter, towards the bottom!