Saturday, 9 November 2013

Family Reunion

Last weekend Lea and I flew down to Christchurch for a family reunion. It had been 3 years since we had all been together in the same place. It was a wonderful weekend although I had a bad head cold. Didn't stop me however having a really good catch up with my brothers and sisters and the patriarch of the family at a grand age of 82. It was special having Lea with me and she fitted in extremely well.

While in Christchurch Lea frantically took photos with her new camera. She is a perfectionist and possibly won't be completely happy with some of these photos I'm posting.

After a social time on Friday night Lea and I woke up earlyish and headed down the road to the Avon river. I am quickly finding out that this photography business requires a lot of patience especially when you are the support person.

Lea took quite a few nature photos which I think are lovely. Not sure what Lea thinks! Hope you like them!



The next collection are a few of the photos of our social 2 days together!



  1. Wow, your Dad looks great! What a good photo of you and Lea ... you look very happy together.

    Lovely flower shots - the foxglove is my favourite, I think. :)

  2. Oh, I love all these photos...all the family and the close up of the flowers.
    I agree with Sue above too, that is a great shot of your Dad!
    And the one of you and Lea together? You should have that on the side of your blog!
    Hey, you know I am bossy but I am always right! (Just ask Richard! HA!)
    It's so good to see you look so happy! xx

  3. fun fun...great pics of the the vibrant colors of the flowers....i bought some of the tiger lilies for my wife last week...

  4. Great family photos, Paul. I like the photo of you two, the side profile of you, and the big family photos the best. Thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Some great pictures there! I think Lea has nothing to be unhappy about with any of them.
    Hopefully, you did not spread the head cold to everyone else :-)

  6. Paul, I like ALL the photographs. Please tell Lea she did a good job with the camera. The floral ones are good and the family ones are excellent. You all look so happy, But you know, the one I like best is the one of you alone. Lea caught a great pensive look.

  7. Great photos. I really like the one of your Dad, the one of you and Lea and the one of you sideview. The family shots are great too and I really love her nature shots.

    Hope you are feeling much better.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  8. What a wonderful family time, Paul. I love all the photos! Goof job!

  9. Nice photo's Paul. The one of you with a bottle of beer is most unusual.

  10. WONDERFUL photos! Lea has some amazing talent there... LOVE all the happy faces and the flowers~!