Tuesday, 5 November 2013

At the Races

A couple of weekends ago Lea and I had a Saturday together without children so we lived it up a bit as a couple. All couples need that quality time together to keep the romance alive!

The day started with a trip to the annual Waikanae Book Fair. There were bargains galore. I was mainly looking for picture books for my classroom book case as it was 17 years since my last book fair. I also picked up some cricket autobiographies and Lea some novels and photography books.

We took my collection of books to school and replaced the old with new.
While there at school Lea took photos of some of the children's work on display in my classroom!



This buying and carrying had been thirsty work so it required a trip to the local for a beer and some pool. [I can hear Lea's voice in my ear 'any excuse']

About 2:00 Lea remembered about the horse races up the road in Otaki. It had been at least 20 years since my last visit and Lea's first time. The meet was half over but we could hear the horses calling us.

Lea frantically took photos with her new camera as she experimented with different shots.


It took us 4 races to get a collect but we had a lot of fun trying.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Will be in touch soon with comments.

Lea and I have just got back from a reunion of my family in Christchurch so hopefully with post soon with lots more photos.


  1. I loved having a little peek into your classroom, Paul! Some great art work on display, I see :-) your book display unit looks very inviting with all those titles too!

  2. So good for you and Lea to have a weekend to yourself and it looks like you had a great time. The book fair, oh my, I'm sure I would have found something there to bring home.

    Lea is doing well with her new camera.

    The artwork by your students is great! I enjoyed visiting your classroom.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. We have such a book sale each year, too. It's a Friends of the Library sale, and it's always so hard not to buy twice as much as what i do get!

    Your students are blessed with new books, that's a beautiful thing, and i am glad you two got the weekend to yourselves.

  4. Those kids you teach can be very happy to have you as their teacher! That classroom truly looks like a place where creativity is much encouraged.
    Great pictures from the horse racing place, and I am sure I would have left the book fair with an even larger box full of bounty :-)

  5. A fun day...but noticed you were still on duty as a teacher!
    Jane x

  6. ha. glad you got a little collect....and love your pics of the classroom...all the art and books...def tells me much of you as a teacher...smiles...very cool man...i love bookfairs as well...

  7. 'Any excuse'.... I can see that Lea knows her man! The classroom pictures are great... I love to see children's artwork.Looking forward to seeing pics of your family in Christchurch.

  8. Hi Paul great to chat today. I have been catching up with your blog, Love the song 'Rolling Hills'.