Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to my Roots

While in my home town, Dunedin visiting family, I took a run with my camera. Hope you like what I saw and snapped for your enjoyment.

Heading out of Waldronville

Which way? Lets take the scenic route
White Island in background
Thought the quarry added an interesting contrast to the surrounding beauty

I'm steeper than I look...believe me!

I had a vocal audience

Some more came to join their mates

Love these quuiet country roads

Hope you like the contrasting colours

Saddle Hill central where I ran around the day before

Coming back to Waldronville

White Island is still there

Where's the road gone?

How are you me old mate?

 Hope you liked the scenery! Catch up soon! So good to be home! Have cooked Lea a lovely dinner to tell her I missed her!

Here is a song I wrote called Rolling Hills about my home, Dunedin where I was born and bred. Please have a listen as it's one of my best!


  1. What a delightful post! Lovely countryside, beautiful views, critters too and a happy song.

    Thank you Paul, a nice way to start today.


  2. Wonderful scenery, Paul. I like the white island and the one where the road seems never ending.

  3. The scenery reminds me so much of Cornwall in the UK!
    Jane x

  4. ha. nice audience.....i like the rock cliffs by the ocean....and that island....what cool scenery......

  5. Scenic indeed! When i run, i see houses, or swamp. Nice, but not like this.

  6. You truly do have a great training course. Do you ride these hills, too? Can't wait to get to a computer where I can view the tune!

  7. Hi Paul! I'm so glad to see that you're tackling these hills now! What a gorgeous place to run, walk, run! Wow, Dunedin couldn't be further away! It's hard to imagine! I enjoyed your song, and now I know how to pronounce Dunedin! Take care!

  8. GORGEOUS photos! SO glad you had a nice trip and have arrived safely back at home.

  9. Are you absolutely certain you don't work for the New Zealand Tourist Board?!! GORGEOUS!!
    Glad to know you are still doing your music.