Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Territory

Summer runs are up and running for the Wellington Harriers Masters runners. Everyone takes turns at hosting a run and it is great to run in different places.

There were 7 runners and 5 walkers. The runners set off from Kilbirnie and took in the surrounding hill areas. Our course took us past the Wellington Zoo, Newtown and involved a climb over Kingston Heights to Happy Valley before returning to home base.

The day was sunny and I was able to get many picture postcard photos. Hope you like my selection.

There was a splendid feast awaiting us on completion of our run hosted by our esteemed running mate and good friend, Gordy and his delightful partner, Wendy.

If you are reading this Mike, at least we arrived!


  1. WONDERFUL Pictures! Thanks for sharing your route with us.

  2. Hi Paul. Some nice pics here. Looks like you need to do a bit of work on that six pack to look as good as me, but don't give up. I am pleased to see you looking well and happy.
    I could have a heart attack just looking at those hills, never mind trying to run up them!
    I don't understand why your blog doesn't show up on my blog list.
    I shall get around to fixing up Skype properly and we can talk.
    Best to you all. John

  3. Wow, the New Zealand Tourist Board might want to steal these photos from you! And as an added bonus we get to see you without a shirt! Looking good! :-)

  4. Looks like you had a lovely clear day for your run. You got some great pictures - thanks for sharing them :))

  5. I did like your selection of photographs. The body beautiful wasn't bad either....grins.

  6. Love the scenery I would maybe run if I could see that view.
    Sorry I am laughing at John's comment. Tell Lea Hi. B