Monday, 10 December 2012

Come Cycling

Lea survived her big ride but I'll let her tell you about that later in the week.

Today I want to take you on one of my cycle rides I do regularly. It is only about 25 km [15 miles] so I hope you can keep up the pace. We are going to be riding about 27 kph average but can slow a little on the up-hills. For those of you not feeling so energetic I hope the scenery will make up for the extra energy you are expending.

The ride leaves from my school on the outskirts of Waikanae.

We head now towards Reikorangi on a mainly flat part of the course but I'm sorry today you have a little wind to contend with...head wind I'm referring to, John if you are reading this! Hopefully the views help compensate if you can catch your breath to take it in.

As you can see there is a short uphill ahead. This takes us to the Reikorangi Church before we take in some rolling countryside.

This next part of the course I hope you will enjoy. We have a 7 km [5 mile] ride to the Mangaone Track which will be the turnaround point. Don't forget to take in the wonderful vistas in between breaths and on the pleasant downhill sections.

You've now arrived at the Mangaone entrance where the road ends.

You're on your own now! You don't need me any more as you are returning the way you came. It is a straight forward ride back to school. Enjoy the mainly downhill terrain and you have a nice tail wind to help blow you back.

Hope you enjoyed the ride and be sure to join me again soon! Thanks for coming along and keeping me company as it can be a lonely sport at times.


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! What a wonderful place to ride a bike.

  2. Oh Paul, this is just beautiful. If I had been on this bike ride with you, I would have driven you crazy the whole time talking about how beautiful everything looked to me. It does, you know.

  3. Thank you. I enjoyed the scenery as I rode my imaginary ride.

  4. Thanks for visiting me at The Maple Syrup Mob!
    What a stunningly beautiful part of the world you live in...I'm exhausted just reading of the bike ride.
    Jane x