Monday, 17 December 2012

Cycling Club's Christmas Climbing Challenge

I competed yesterday in the Kapiti Cycling Club's Hill Climb Championship. It was a tough 2 km grind up to the Summit of the Maungatukutuku Rd. Don't believe this sign as it was obviously done by someone who was in a motorised vehicle.

I found it really tough as I'm no sprinter but do climb the hills well and finished in 6th place with the top 5 all being quite a bit younger than me. I was pleased to be only 46 seconds behind a very talented and highly recognised and successful rider, Mark Donald who took out the race.

Lea was kind enough to come and support me and take photos. Getting on the course was difficult due to the narrow roads so there were limited photo opportunities. Here are the photos that Lea managed to get of the event.

Calm before the storm

Definitely tougher than it looks

Meeting point

Showing form at start before hitting the climb

First hill bend

A pretty place to be riding

Much happier now race is over

Time to tell stories and find out placings

Here is the link for the results


  1. Phew well done, I feel tired just looking at your pictures. Lovely scenery. :)

  2. 'This hill looks worse than it is' ... you should have written a comment underneath...grins.

  3. I hope you-all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!