Monday, 3 June 2013

Getting Back on the Horse

 'Bless me readers for I have been slack! It's been over a week since my last blog entry.'
First of all I would like to say a big thank you to all my lovely blogging friends who have been through my
 'Bless me readers for I have been slack! It's been over a week since my last blog entry.'
accident with me and have given me so much encouragement and well wishes. Most of you I have only recently got to know and live on the other side of the world to me. I think it is wonderful we can share our lives together at whatever level we are comfortable with.

Many of you made reference to getting back on the horse when commenting on my Cycling Crazy post. I have really been naughty and some might say 'Crazy' for getting on my bike before the recommended 12 weeks but I have missed it so much and I can ride without pain. Of course if I came off I could be in some trouble. However so far so good and I am being extremely vigilant.

Not only have I got back on the horse with my cycling but also have survived 2 busy weeks at school. I am really glad to be back with my charges and have been getting myself re-acquainted.

This has been a holiday weekend to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. It has been wonderful to have my daughter Alice staying with us for a couple of days. Alice has applied for a positiion in the army, in the bomb disposal unit of all places. I hope they pay her well. Apparently not as dangerous as it sounds though I remain unconvinced. She has done her physical and aptitude tests and is now awaiting the verdict. If accepted she will start her duties at the beginning of August.

Alice on her recent 17th Birthday

Yesterday Lea, Alice and I travelled up to Palmerston an hour up the road to visit my oldest daughter, Kate who is studying Human Nutrition. Many of you will know both girls though some new followers may not. It was a short visit! We had a scrumptious lunch together and a brief catch up. She has been working really hard towards her upcoming first semester exams.

I had to include again some of the photos from our January holiday in Mount Maunganui!

Sisterly love

The A Team



  1. Wow, the girls are as beautiful as ever. The Bomb Disposal Unit sounds like a very interesting career choice, I hope Alice gets excepted for it. Glad that you had a great time with them.


  2. smiles. sounds like life is returning to normal a bit...glad you got the post fixed as well...bomb disposal, now that i am sure can get exciting...smiles...great shots of your fam man...

  3. Bomb disposal unit - that's an exciting(!) career choice. Your girls are very pretty - these are lovely shots of you all. Good to hear you are back on your bike. Enjoy!!! :)

  4. Your girls are all grown up! Good luck to them!
    Take care of yourself, you ARE breakable, you know! :-)

  5. Your daughters are beautiful! You must be proud of their achievements :) Of course you are!
    This post reminded me own uncle and his two daughters who both live far from him and whenever they catch up, it is a quick "so what's new going on" meet...
    Have a wonderful day, Paul!

  6. The girls are really beautiful, Paul. It's great seeing pictures of them again and wonderful to hear they are doing so well. You too, of course. Just don't overdo things. Hmmm I wonder why Alice chose bomb disposal.

  7. Best wishes to your lovely daughters on their future plans. Sounds like they both have exciting adventures ahead of them.

    Take it easy out there, but enjoy yourself, too. You have been making such awesome progress.

    Blessings always

  8. My, what an interesting career choice! Your daughters are lovely, and I'm really glad your time back on the bike has been good for your soul and apparently your body. Keep on pedaling!

  9. Hi Paul! I'm just glad you're recovering. It seems like forever, doesn't it?!!!

    Your daughters have the affliction of fabulosis. :D

    :-) Marion

  10. Good luck, Alice...I was in the Royal Navy and the Nuclear,Biological,Chemical Defence team. You are going to have experiences to serve you for the rest of your life.
    Jane x

  11. Lovely to read about your girls, Paul and good luck to Alice; hope she gets to follow her dream. Good to hear that you are recovering so well. I'll bet your class is happy about that!!

  12. What lovely daughters you have. Good luck to Alice as she pursues this exciting new career.

    Wow, you're back on the bike! That is VERY exciting (and a little bit nerve-wracking too, I bet). Tremendous congratulations - it must have felt great to get out on the road again. Ride carefully and enjoy the wind on your face. :)