Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Heart-break for Kiwis in the World Cup Cricket

A day after defeat and I know it will take me a while, as many other kiwis to get over it!

Lea tells me it is only a game but for some unknown reason I'm struggling to buy that one. To Lea's credit she has been a steady rock over the last 24 hours as I dissect the injustices of basically losing a tied match.

To England's credit they are worthy champions and played a super final!

Now that the cricket is over I might get a bit more sleep, he says at 4 a.m while doing this post. It has been a thoroughly exciting World Cup and I have enjoyed every minute, well maybe not the last minute.

Here is the after match interview with our captain, Kane Williamson. He reflects on the 'uncontrollables' of cricket and how the World Cup slipped away from us, while fellow kiwis are left to ponder the 'what ifs'.

I feel so proud of the team and though hurting at the moment, I know the boys put everything into their campaign and pulled up just short of winning the World Cup. 

Roll on another 4 years!


  1. OH, I am sorry for your loss! I do know the agony of defeat and how your hopes are so built up, only do have them dashed to the ground! Yes, I know sports! You will just have to talk it over with all your friends and drown your sorrows!

  2. Such close games are nail biters and when you lose, it's just an awful feeling. Life does go on, though, and i hope they pull off the win next year!

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