Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Beautiful Lady

Inspired by Flower Lady Lorraine's post on her lovely roses I want to dedicate this post to my lovely lady, Lea! She will hate me for this but never mind I will live with the repercussions. As embarrassed as she might be I'm sure she appreciates my sentiments. It is a song I wrote 3 months ago. Will try and get a recording made and posted at a later date!

Being with you warms me inside
Being with you at morning rise
My beautiful lady stay close to me
My beautiful lady you are to me

From the moment I met you found true love
From that moment in time from heaven above
You are my make me whole
I love you dear lady heart and soul

Be mine to hold through good and bad
Be mine to cherish through happy and sad
Be mine forever for the rest of our days
Be mine my mine

I will hold your hand when you need a friend
I will hold you close until the end
I will be your lover through the passing years
I will be here always in world we share

My beautiful beautiful lady
My beautiful lady...stay here with me


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Makes me think of my dear husband and the notes and cards he gave to me and all of the spoken words of love through our years together.

    I'm sure Lea will not hold it against you for professing your love for her for all the world to see. It is a beautiful thing.

    God's blessings on you both ~ FlowerLady

  2. Lea will probably have tears in her eyes when she reads this! Oh my, how lovely and I'm betting that this poem set to music will be inspired! She is a beautiful lady! I also want to say that I think the previous post gave tribute to another beautiful lady...your daughter! Congrats on her graduation and best of luck to her in the future. Take care's good to hear from you!

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