Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bike - Run - Bike - Gym - Bike

Alright dear readers, its not quite as full on as it sounds! You can relax as you join me in a 2 hour excursion. It will be a rewarding one and I'm sure you will enjoy seeing what I saw.

Last Saturday on a bright spring morning I set off on my bike to the start of a running course I used to do regularly before my accident.

I'll let the photos and captions tell the story.

We're on our way

Hope you're warmed up
Destination up! It's steeper than it looks!

Heading for those pylons

Time to enjoy some lovely bush






Last pinch to the top!
You've made it! Well done! Now that wasn't so bad was it!
          Looking out over Paraparaumu Beach at 300 metres!


It's all down hill from here



Now for a little ride
Better do some groin strengthening


One of my favourite arm strengthening equipment

From here it was a 15 minute ride home!
Hope you enjoyed our outing!
Be sure to join me again soon when you've recovered!


  1. whew...i am worn out...but i feel so refreshed having much to take in as far as views....

    so i take it you are in full recovery mode after your wreck?

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  3. Okay, you've talked me into doing my own workout -- i was trying to come up with an excuse not to, but now i don't have one!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery pictures for me to think about as i exercise.

  4. What a wonderful ride in the country. WOW! You are blessed to live in such beautiful surroundings.


  5. Your pictures are beautiful. I'm sure that was a glorious day of exercise. :D

  6. Didn't go on the bike but I was lovely.I skipped the gym though.
    Jane x

  7. I used to ride a bike but never, ever rode on terrain such as this. Guess I'll stick to walking... grins. Lovely scenery though and I'm pleased that you are getting on okay after the accident.

  8. The path looks wonderful, it would probably be a bit too much uphill for me to be running all the way, but I'd definitely love to go for a nice long walk in such beautiful surroundings!

  9. Well, I certainly enjoyed that and I didn't even break a sweat!
    Good to see you are back in the saddle again and feeling chipper, I hope! xx Love to Lea!

  10. What lovely country 'we went through' the photos, Paul!

  11. Wow, it's gorgeous there ... lucky you! Hope all is well with the hip - from this post I am guessing the healing is progressing nicely.

  12. Oh gosh! I'm exhausted. From all our travels we still think NZ is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  13. I remember that route... so beautiful! Glad you are getting back to your routines.

  14. Oh, what a fun ride that seems to be! You mountain bike, too?!? I'm so glad you're able to do what you love again!